Get Organised for Next Christmas with B&M

The last day of January, how did that happen, it only seems like yesterday we were unwrapping all of the presents under the Christmas Tree! I will not lie this Christmas was pretty fraught, I have no idea why, but I just didn’t get organised early, usually I have at least bought some gifts before … Read more

How Can You Get Free Samples In Your Mailbox Daily?

You can receive free samples by mail on a daily basis by using sites like WOW FreeStuff. Most of the samples are normally updated daily along with other older but valid samples. Within a few weeks, you will have your mailbox flooded with free samples of makeup, clothing, perfume, beauty items, cleaning products, baby stuff, … Read more

Trolley Bags have changed my life completely

Ever since the introduction of the carrier bag charge I have been absolutely hopeless at remembering to take bags with me, and always have to purchase more! Which is fine in the larger supermarkets where you are given enough time to calculate how many bags you will need, but in the supermarkets where the cashier … Read more


Viggo has taken a HUGE liking to the new Disney Junior Show Lion Guard, it is the first thing he asks to watch when Eowyn comes home from school. and the pair of them happily sit and watch the latest episode, sometimes joined by other members of the family, so I am delighted that Disney … Read more

Christmas Is Coming!

As it is now November I am allowing the children to mention the C word, although it does remind me that I have done absolutely nothing! I keep seeing friends facebook updates that they have finished their Christmas shopping, some have even wrapped them!So, if like me you think it is about time you should … Read more

Jones Bootmaker Spring/Summer Collection

As you are all probably aware, I am not the most up to fate and fashionable person, wouldn’t have a clue where to start, but I do like shoes, so when I was sent the new Spring Summer Collection details from Jones Bootmaker, I just had to share them with you. Jones Bootmaker SS15 Spring/Summer … Read more