Surviving The School Holidays!

We are now on to week three of the holidays and it’s going pretty well so far, it’s quite hard juggling all of the children and their requirements, not to mention their food intake, in fact I should probably take out a payday loan just to pay for their food bill in the holidays! I’m … Read more

The Dreaded April is Upon Us!

So, today I celebrate my birthday, so far I am having a lovely day, and tonight the children, Asa and I will be sitting down to watch Fantastic Beasts and eating a Chinese, that’s how we rock and roll when we have seven children and no babysitter, plus three of them are still at school … Read more

Year In Review 2016

So, as we approach the last day of 2016, I am looking back on The Morrison’s year, although the news has been full of celebrity deaths and the country has indeed taken a battering, our little corner of the Norfolk countryside hasn’t been too bad. At the beginning of the year Xene was looking at … Read more

Time To Move On

As you will all know I have been working for the past couple of years as a breastfeeding practitioner, helping and supporting pregnant and new mums to achieve their goal of breastfeeding. I have absolutely loved being part of such a special and rewarding (if sometimes traumatic) time in a families life, but the time … Read more

Morrison Clan Update

Where has 2016 disappeared to ? I cannot believe we are heading towards the end of June, it just doesn’t seem to have been Christmas two minutes ago! Looking over Hex Mum I have noticed that I haven’t really given an update on us all, so here we go.. Mandi I am still working as … Read more

Looking Back on 2015

Reflecting on 2015, it hasn’t been a bad year over all for the Morrison family. Some parts were pretty pants, but others have been great. All seven children have grown and flourished this year, Xene has attended open days for university choices, Lochlan has looked at different colleges, both have a god idea what they … Read more