Choosing the right school for an ASD child

Some mainstream schools are autism-friendly, some special schools get the basics wrong, so you’ll need to check things out for yourself. It’s difficult establishing the school’s culture from a single visit. The attitude of the head teacher is probably the biggest factor. You need a school that is going to be open-minded when things aren’t … Read more

15 Months On from ASD diagnosis.

In June last year, Tyrus got an official diagnosis of ASD, you can read how I felt at the time here, so, what has happened in the last 15  months ? At the end of July 2017,  Tyrus eventually got his EHCP put in place, something that was written in his notes from the paediatrician, … Read more

ASD diagnosis doesn’t change anything on the outside.

Since a very early age I knew that Tyrus was not like the other children, he didn’t communicate like the others and he didn’t socialise as they had done, he is amazing at numbers and playing on electronic gadgets and can work an ipad better than me, as well as doing seven different puzzles at … Read more

You Have A Great Day! Tyrus update

I began this blog when Tyrus was just six weeks old, and now he is four and is full time in reception! Looking back over the last four years has been lovely, although I have noticed that I have never spoken much about Tyrus and his personality, until now… Here is my update for Tyrus. Tyrus had … Read more