Top Ten Breastfeeding Tips from a mummy of seven

As a mum of seven children, who have all been breastfed until 18-36 months, I have spent quite a long time doing this feeding lark  we all know the benefits of breastfeeding but here are my top ten breastfeeding tips. 1. Take each feed a step at a time The recommended time to exclusively breastfeed is … Read more

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

There are SO many benefits of breastfeeding  -Better neurological development, Better jaw development, Straighter, healthier teeth, Protection against ear infections, Protection against colds, chest infections and sore throats, breastfeeding Prolongs natural immunity to mumps, measles, polio and other diseases, Lessens chance of eczema and other allergies, Lower risk of diabetes, Helps prevent obesity and Protection … Read more

Breastfeeding Beyond a Year – Its your choice!

So, you had your baby, you learnt the art of breastfeeding, everything has been going well and before you know if your tiny little baby is growing up! When is the right time to stop breastfeeding and why do people seem to take offence at breastfeeding beyond a year! The World Health Organisation Global Strategy … Read more

Dispelling Breastfeeding Myths

There are so many breastfeeding myths that you hear, and you do sometimes wonder where on earth they come from!! So here I am to try my best at dispelling breastfeeding myths! Here are just a few… Myth 1: Frequent nursing leads to poor milk production, a weak let-down response and ultimately unsuccessful nursing. Breastfeeding your … Read more

Dear Jamie Oliver – Lets talk Boobs!

  Dear Jamie Oliver I have read many posts today about you and your breastfeeding remarks, some supporting you, others extremely angry at you, so, as a woman that works trying to help and support women to breastfeed, it is only fair that I say what I feel. Your comment about it being easy, wasn’t the … Read more

BreastMilk Pumping – Pass Me The Breast Pads!

    There are many reasons why mums use a pump, it may be that their baby has been born very early and not yet learnt how to feed, or mum is far too sore to have baby to the breast. Later in their breastfeeding journey, a pump may be used if mum is returning to work, or … Read more

Breastmilk Pumping Is Certainly a Difficult Skill!

Pumping, when I hear that word, I have visions of litres and litres of liquid gushing out, however when you put it with the word Breastmilk, it never seems to have that effect!! I am not even going to try and calculate the amount of hours I have sat over the past fifteen years trying … Read more