Tips For Back To Uni Second Year

So, your son or daughter has survived their first year of uni and probably back in the family home until mid September/ beginning of October. I hope they have enjoyed their first year of university and they have grown as a person, hopefully made lots of new friends and taken part in new and exciting … Read more

Is Your Child Prepared For Going To Uni?

Neva only has a few weeks until she sets off on her Going To Uni adventure, it only seems like last week we were taking Xene off to Hartlepool (its been 5 years!) and yesterday we were dropping Lochlan at Lincoln (it was 3 years ago and he’s just graduated). I’d like to say it … Read more

6 Thrifty Hacks for Modern Students

6 Thrifty Hacks For Modern Students to help them save money whilst away at university. Life at Uni is incredibly expensive. When you combine the rising cost of tuition with the cost of things like food, huge textbooks, accommodation and even furniture for your new flat, it’s no wonder that students struggle. If you’re currently … Read more

College Prep: 8 Things You Can Do to Help Your Child

Sending your child off to college is a crazy, chaotic, stressful, and entirely wonderful thing to do. You know they’re going away to get their education and learn how to thrive in the world, and yet you can’t help feeling a certain sense of loss—your baby won’t be around anymore. To a parent, the whole … Read more

Second Year of University about to Begin

Its hard to believe that this time last year we were collecting all of Xene’s belongings together to transport her over 5 hours away to university, the furthest distance any of her friends had chosen to go to university, and now here we are sorting all of her stuff to move into a new house … Read more

Packing For University

This week we are looking at getting ready to actually go to University, and the one thing that we need to transport your child’s belonging is boxes! I can remember when we were moving house, going to the local supermarkets and getting lots of banana boxes, 20 years later we still use one of them … Read more

Transition to Uni Part 1

If you are regular readers of Hex Mum Plus 1, you will know that Xene and I have been to University interviews last week, she already as an unconditional offer, so I had better get used to the idea that my eldest is in fact flying the nest towards the end of this year! This … Read more

University Open Days, Here We Come!

  I knew it would arrive, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon! Xene has booked her first open day to go and visit one of the Universities she is interested in, thank goodness it isn’t too far away, only a couple of hours, so Xene and I will set off after taking … Read more