The Perfect Teen Bedroom Makeover: An Exhibition of Posters, Paint, and Privacy

At any rate, before your eyes they have grown into towering teenagers and their once-cute nursery rooms now look rather awkward. Don’t fret though; you aren’t alone on this fascinating and nerve-wracking journey of changing a teenager’s bedroom! Let’s explore ways of creating an environment which supports their unique individuality while providing parental oversight. Discover … Read more

Best Wireless Earbuds For A Teenager

Best wireless Earbuds For A teenager – When it comes to your teenager, they know exactly what they want and when they want it, and technology is often high on the agenda. After all, we live in a world that is digitised with the use of smartphones, tablets and computers to keep us all connected … Read more

Free Apps for Parents to Monitor Social Media

Is your child socialising too much on social media? Are you worried about the effects of social media on your child? And are you looking for the best free parental control apps to monitor your child’s social media? If yes, then tune-up with us. Social Media has many productive results on education, including better communication, … Read more

Study space ideas to inspire your teens

As a parent of teens, you’ll know better than most how difficult it can be to get your young adults to take their studies seriously. They’d much rather be sleeping until noon or socialising online, than logging onto their online classes and picking up a notebook. Of course, we shouldn’t judge them too harshly (we … Read more

Treating Teens for Depression

There are many treatment options for teens with depression. Although at first, you might struggle to get a teen to seek treatment getting your teen treated early can help prevent a myriad of complications and health problems.  It might help to first talk to your teen about their negative feelings, emotions, and thoughts; that way, … Read more

How to Handle Tricky Teenagers

Coping with a difficult teenager is no easy task and unfortunately all parents are forced to deal with this difficult stage of their child’s life. Creating a good relationship with your teenager is important to help them through their most challenging times and to get to the root of some of their issues to ensure … Read more

RESCUE’s top tips For Exam Season

Neva is currently mid way through her GCSEs, Lochlan has just handed in his final piece for his HND and Xene has just completed her second year of uni, so stress levels have been pretty high here for the last few weeks! Neva is now over halfway, and is counting down the days until she … Read more