Trolley Bags have changed my life completely

Ever since the introduction of the carrier bag charge I have been absolutely hopeless at remembering to take bags with me, and always have to purchase more!

Which is fine in the larger supermarkets where you are given enough time to calculate how many bags you will need, but in the supermarkets where the cashier literally throws the items into the trolley (i’m guessing they must be on money per customer served the speed they put it through the checkout!) it’s not so easy. In these particular shops I like to just put everything in the trolley and repack when I get to the car, but as I have mentioned before our weekly shopping usually consists of two trolley loads, so it takes me quite a while!

I was asked a few weeks ago if I would like to try Trolley Bags and as I seem to spend half of my life in the supermarket, these sounded perfect.

DSC_0001 (4)

I was sent a set of Trolley Bags original in Vibe, they also have them in pastel shades and also for express trolleys.










The bags fold up nicely into the child seat area if I have no little one with me (on most occasions if I can!), or if you need to use it for a child, they can hang on the hook at the front of the trolley, once the trolley is fully loaded onto the conveyor belt, you can open them all up very easily, if you have a trolley with the extra compartment at the end, the fourth bag fits nicely into that space.

I filled the bags quickly and easily for my first trolley load, I was unsure how to get the second trolley, and did contemplate a second set of bags, but the first time I returned to the car to put the bags in, I found that when you take the bags out of the trolley the shopping lowers into the mesh part of the bag, meaning they are technically only half full, so I transferred bags 1 and 3 into 2 and 4, and then used those two remaining bags for my second trolley, the only problem I encountered with that was that they didn’t sit nicely in the trolley, but as I seem to be the only person that does two trips into the supermarket, it really isn’t a problem, in fact the next shop I did, I emptied out into the three smaller bags and just took the largest bag (number 1) back into the shop.

DSC_0020 (3) DSC_0022 (2)







Not only have these bags made my shopping trips so much quicker and efficient, but they are much kinder on the environment, the unloading of the shopping takes half the time as it is just four bags, each holds a maximum of 15kg so you can be secure in the knowledge that the bag isn’t going to split and send your shopping across the shop floor!

Here is a little video to shoe you just how easy they are!

My Verdict

Go out and buy a set NOW! They are one of the most useful products I have tried in a long time and they have literally revolutionised my shopping.

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  1. J’ ai commander et reçu mon troller bags. J’ai adorée ce produit. On gagne du temps à la caisse. On les remplis et hop aussitôt dans la voiture. J’adore. Je le recommande à 100%.


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