The Tooth Fairy has been busy!

With so many children in the house wobbly teeth are quite common. None of the children had any teeth before they had turned one, so its no surprise that they didn’t lose them very quickly either! At the moment Eowyn who is nearly seven has two slightly wobbly ones and one very wobbly. Kaide aged … Read more

Not Long Til The big 40!

Next March I turn the magic fourty, a bit badly planned because within the space of four weeks Xene also turns 18, Lochlan 16 and Neva 13… I have already promised them all a trip to Disneyland Paris, so the first thing I need to do is take out a second mortgage to pay for … Read more

Kaide’s about to start year 5!

The time just seems to be flying past, it really doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was giving birth to Kaide, and here he is about to start year 5 and will be 10 in a couple of weeks. Height wise, he is still  ‘petite’, the oldest in his year, and definitely the … Read more

Neva – First Year of High School.

If you have been reading my updates on each of the children you will know that Neva started High School and Lochi transferred to the same school. During the summer holidays last year, Neva attended a two week summer camp at the school, which consisted of various activities each day, that they could pick, including cooking, … Read more

Lochi’s first year of GCSEs

In March last year I wrote a post about Lochlan choosing his options and Neva sitting her SATs, you can read about it here. However, it didn’t go quite as I had imagined. During the summer term, the High school Lochlan was attending began to not meet his needs and I began to question if … Read more

Xene’s Leavers Prom was delayed by A Cow!

Xene has now finished High School, and the customary ending is a Leaver’s Prom, which took place at a lovely barn in Suffolk. The arrangements were quite simple, I would drive to collect two of Xene’s friends, E and C,  take them for make-up, drop them home to get ready, then take Xene for her … Read more

Viggo Exists!!

Last week, we had a major breakthrough in the Morrison household. Tyrus aged 2 years and 11  months, finally acknowledged his baby brother’s existence, at the age of 9 months!! Since Viggo was born in September Tyrus has never engaged or taken any notice of him whatsoever. It wasn’t the normal ignoring of a new … Read more

Oh Eowyn!

We did it….After sixteen years of having children, we finally have a plaster cast in the family!! In fact, its really 42 years, as neither Asa nor myself have ever fractured or broken a bone, which is slightly amazing considering the years Asa has played contact sport and I have been hit by a car!! … Read more