Free Apps for Parents to Monitor Social Media

Is your child socialising too much on social media? Are you worried about the effects of social media on your child? And are you looking for the best free parental control apps to monitor your child’s social media? If yes, then tune-up with us.

Social Media has many productive results on education, including better communication, interaction, sharing content, exchanging details, learning and enhancing skills, sharing ideas virtually. But the same has some adverse effects, including identity theft, cyberbullying, social isolation, etc. But when it comes to children, the use of social media has resulted in many problems. And in recent years, the condition is getting even worse.

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To control the circumstances, parents should consider the use of parental control apps. In numerous ways, these monitoring apps have helped out parents to keep control of their children. So let’s learn more about these controlling apps.

What is parental control?

Parental controls are software and tools that permit parents to set rules, monitor, and regulate contents on their children’s internet use. They are a great way of limiting children from accessing inappropriate content online. And parental control applications are peculiarly meant for parents to keep track of their children’s activity and block unwanted contents online.

Why Should We Monitor Social Media Accounts?

By monitoring your child’s every movement, you’ll have a better knowledge of what they’re up to, and you’ll be able to make proper boundaries. It’s an easy way to secure their safety online. It also reduces their probabilities of getting immersed in circumstances you do not approve of, especially those that can be fatal.

So, let’s see the best free parental control app available in the market that helps you monitor, track, and control your child’s online activity.

List of Free Apps To Monitor Child Social Media

While talking about free parental Control applications, Various applications can come to your mind. But selecting the most trustworthy, reliable, and safest control app should always be your first concern.

 So, here are ten of the best monitoring apps you may want to review that can meet most of your requirements.

1. is one of the most advanced, reliable, and trustworthy parental controls app out there. It is a tracking,  monitoring, and control program that helps you to create and manage a digitally safe learning environment for your children. Parents can remotely follow their children what they have been doing on social media.

It monitors all the activities happening on the devices in real-time. Parents can easily track all the Calls and SMS from the Children Device with Child Monitoring App’s ( free features. It records the time and duration of calls and SMS. It is the best choice for parents.


  • It helps to monitor your children’s devices.
  • It allows you to Keep track of social media like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook,    Viber, Skype, Tiktok, etc.
  • It can help to establish good cyber safety habits.
  • It helps block inappropriate content.
  • You can save them from online predators.
  • Records Keystrokes.
  • It is cheaper than other parental control apps.
  • It allows you to track contacts, device location, and SIM location.

Instructions On How To Use

  • Visit official website and click on a try for free on the homepage.
  • Sign-up using your credentials and log in.
  • Then on the top right, click on Download APK.
  • After that, follow the installation guide given on the website.
  • In the end, go to the dashboard and start monitoring.

Pros provides solutions for parents, schools, and businesses. The application offers all the essential features and has a clean User interface(UI). The software is effortless to use and has good customer support. It has more reliable and flexible pricing than most of its opponents. Overall it is one of the best controlling apps available on the market.


The free version of this control app only supports calls and SMS tracking. To use the latest features, you need to buy either the basic or the prime version. Further, some features may require root.


It is available in 3 versions, and its pricing is listed below:

  • Free Version: $0.00.
  • Basic Version: $9.99 for a 1-month license.
  • Prime Version: $19.99 for a 1-month license.

2. Qustodio

Qustodio can be a great selection if you are looking for a complete free parental control application. This application can help parents, schools, and businesses as well. Qustodio supports a broad range of OS such as  Android, iOS,  Kindle,  Chromebook, Windows, and Mac OS X. Because of its high compatibility; most users choose this monitoring app.


  • Can monitor and control web filtering and search activities.
  • You can set the time limit also.
  • It Keeps tracks of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • It tracks the location of your child.

Instructions On How To Use Qustodio

  • Visit the Qustodio official website and click on Get Started Free.
  • Next, Signup using your credentials and sign in.
  • Thenceforth, create your profile by adding your kids and their devices.
  • For a more detailed installation guide, visit the official website.
  • In the end, visit the dashboard and start monitoring.


The free version of Qustodio gives you various beneficial features that its opponents lack. The application has an easy-to-use and attention-grabbing User Interface. It is probably the best free app out of other control apps available online.


It does not provide a simple call and SMS tracking feature like its rival And by using a VPN extension, children/ users can effortlessly bypass web monitoring.


Qustodio free will not cost you a cent, whereas Its premium versions come in three separate variants. The cost of the three variants is listed below.

  • Small plan: $54.95/ year.
  • Medium plan: $96.95/ year.
  • Large plan: $137.95/year.

3. Norton family

Norton family is another best choice for parents. It lets you configure rules and observe your child’s movement from a web console. The application is available on Android as well as iOS.

It’s developer NortonLifeLock is a profoundly known and trusted company that started with antivirus software development. You can try the Norton family for free for 30 days and finally subscribe to it if you like the application.


  • Can track browsing history and blocking unwanted sites.
  • Can Monitor your child’s search.
  • Can set screen time limits.
  • It has an instant lock feature.

Instructions On How To Use Norton Family

  • Visit Norton Family’s official webpage.
  • Click on Get 30 -days free trial now and create an account using your credentials.
  • And then install the Norton family app on your child’s device.
  • After successful implementation, Visit the dashboard and start monitoring.
  • For complete installation information, visit the website link.


Norton’s family is cheaper when compared to its opponents. It has a simple User Interface(UI) and contains all the essential online supervision features.


Norton’s family lacks some of the advanced features. It comes with only one variant, which is not suitable for businesses and schools. And the application has a 30-day trial version but is not entirely free. There is no free version for Norton family premier.


It is only available in one version. And it will cost you $49.99/year.

4.  Kaspersky Safe Kids

 It is a parental control app that helps you protect your children, manages their screen time, blocks inappropriate content, and can track location. Kaspersky safe kids can be a better option for parents,  providing you with secure, fast, and smart monitoring. It is available in both the free and paid version.


  • Can filter online content.
  • It helps to track location.
  • It has a real-time alerting feature.
  • It has a safe search feature for youtube.

Instructions On How To Use Kaspersky safe kids

  • Visit the  Kaspersky safe kids official website.
  • Then click on Get Free Version and select the OS version you want to download.
  • After the completion of the download, install the application.
  • For more detailed information, visit the website.
  • Finally, Visit the dashboard, start monitoring.


Kaspersky safe kids contain many features, even in the free version. It does not have device limitations, and its youtube search history tracker is just excellent.


The main disadvantage of using Kaspersky safe kids is that its paid version is not challenging. There is no application control for iOS devices, and Call and SMS monitoring are only available on android devices.


Kaspersky safe kids free is available free, whereas Kaspersky safe kids premium will cost you nearby $14.99/ year.

5. Bark

The bark is a parental control app that helps kids to browse safely. It monitors emails, texts, social media on an unlimited number of devices and gives alerts to the parents if it detects any potential risks via texts and emails, etc.


  • Identify possible risks
  • Monitors social media, emails, and texts, etc
  • Manage screen time and filter out web content

  Instructions On How To Use Bark

  • Visit bark official website link.
  • Click on Get 7 -days free trial now and create an account using your credentials.
  • And install the Bark app on your child’s device.
  • After successful implementation, Visit the dashboard and start monitoring.
  • For complete installation information, visit the website’s official link.


 It monitors 24 social media platforms and detects risky social media messages on time, and alerts parents.


It doesn’t offer a real-time locator feature and can only help parents find out the problems, not give a solution. It is slightly expensive.


  1. Bark Jr:$5 per month or $49 annually
  2. Bark Premium:$14 per month or $99 annually

6. OurPact

OurPact is a user-friendly, simple and complete screen time parental control app every parent needs. Though, this monitoring app is not completely free. But when you install it, you can use some features for free.


  • Schedules Screen time
  • Can track locations and records voice calls and SMS
  • Check your kid’s applications and gallery

Instructions On How To Use OurPact

  • Visit the OurPact official website.
  • Click on Signup for free and use your credentials to create an account.
  • Download and install the app on your device and pair it with your kid’s device.
  • For more detailed information on the installation, visit the OurPact website.
  • After that, go through the dashboard, start monitoring.


Along with blocking apps, it can help you to block browsers like chrome, firefox, and safari if your kids use them for unnecessary activities. And also, it has an amazing User-Interface and is easy to use.


It is  crashing, and other problems on Android and the subscription rates are a bit high. To use advanced features, you need to buy premium versions.


There are three versions available of this application. They are.

  • Free: free.
  • Premium: $6.99/ month.
  • Premium+: $9.99/ month.

7. Google Family Link For Parents

Google Family Link is a part of Google trying to help parents give their child a safer environment. It is a free parental control developed by Google and has powerful parental control features. It helps parents stay in the loop as their child or teen explores their devices.

It allows you to help your kids browse safely by setting proper rules and instructions.  


  • It filters online content.
  • Manage screen time
  • It has the feature of Device locking.

Instructions On How To Use Google Family Link

  • Visit the official google family link site or download via google play for Android and the IOS app store.
  • Install it in your device and the targeted device.
  • Log in using your Google account.
  • Then you are ready to monitor through the dashboard.


It is easy to use and free of cost and provides you with all the basic controlling features, and works on both IOS and Android.


It does not contain various advanced features like other parental control apps available online. It does not log website activity or search history.


Google family link is free of cost.

8. Kuukla Parental Control

It is a  lifesaver application especially for parents to control child’s overuse screen-based device and is an easy-to-use application that helps your life with kids in a very helpful way.


  • Can change phone’s PIN code for extra security.
  • Can monitor installed applications.
  • Can block unwanted apps.

Instructions on How To Use Kuukla

  • Open the google play store and download the kuukla app on your kid’s smartphone.
  • Enter a PIN code, and you will receive a confirmation mail.
  • Then, accept all the compulsory and optional permissions.
  • Choose the factor you want to use.
  • Finally, start using the app.


It is a very stable and featherlight app that is free of cost.


This control app does not have any advanced features and is only suitable for very young kids.


Kuukla application is completely free and is available on the Google play store.

9. Safe lagoon

The safe lagoon is a broadly used and reliable app that promotes healthy movements online.

It provides digital protection and supports your child’s physical and mental health, and gives parents a good night’s sleep without worrying about their children.


  • Block inappropriate websites.
  • Has GPS tracking features
  • Gives detailed reports of your kid’s online activity.

Instructions On How To Use Safe lagoon

  • Go to the safe lagoon official site link, and click on Try Now For Free.
  • Create your account by filling up your credentials.
  • Setup the app on your device and connect it with your kid’s device with the app’s help.
  • For a piece of more detailed installation information, visit the website.
  • Go to the dashboard and start monitoring.


The tool has a lower price and contains some good features like free web filtering for children, social network monitoring, filtering by age, etc.


Search history, extra screen time rewards features are missing. And it is not available for desktop or mac. And video monitoring and photos come with the paid version.


The application is available in free,  premium, and big families. Their costs are given below.

  • Free: free.
  • Premium: $6.95/ month.
  • Big family: $9.95 per month.

10. ScreenTime

ScreenTime manages the time your kids spend on their devices. The application is available for iOS,  Kindle, and Android. ScreenTime has also won 2019 national parenting awards.


  • Manages task manager and schedule manager.
  • Filter Web content.
  • Tracking browsing history and location.

Instructions On How To Use ScreenTime.

  • Visit Screentime’s official website.
  • Click on Get Started Free.
  • Fill in the credentials and login.
  • Download and install the app on your device and your kid’s device.
  • For more detailed installation information, go to the webpage.
  • Then login to the dashboard and start monitoring.


The application has features that help parents to limit their child’s internet usage. It has several functions such as application blockers, time limits, location tracker, and display device usage reports.


The major problem with this tool is that it is not so secure. Some of the features that are available for Android are missing on iOS. The application is not specially made according to the parent’s needs.


The program is available for free if you choose the basic version. But if you want to go premium with all the features, you will have to pay $49.99/ year.


Parents should monitor their kid’s social media, but they should also respect their privacy at the same time. Since kids cannot differentiate between good and bad, parents should be the ones to decide for them. By using parental controls, parents can help their children browse safe content and ensure their safety in this age of technology.

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