How to Handle Tricky Teenagers

Coping with a difficult teenager is no easy task and unfortunately all parents are forced to deal with this difficult stage of their child’s life. Creating a good relationship with your teenager is important to help them through their most challenging times and to get to the root of some of their issues to ensure they feel supported. Having said that, parents are often pushed aside by their teenagers due to feeling as though they are ‘interfering’ which can make it problematic to form a close bond.

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Behavioural problems in teenagers is a common aspect of puberty. This guide will give you some advice on how to handle tricky teens:

Avoid handing over complete control

All teenagers get satisfaction from pushing their parent’s buttons and when you snap, it can lead to complete chaos. You may discover that simply saying no can lead to anger outbursts, defying house rules and back-chatting when they can’t get their own way. During these moments, it’s important to keep your cool and avoid getting angry or it will only fuel the situation more. The more upset you become in front of your teen, the more they will believe they have complete control, therefore, retaining composure will give you the chance to find a better solution to the issue.

Notice changes of appearance

It’s not uncommon for teenagers to undergo a sudden change of appearance – this is simply part and parcel of growing up. They may wish to change their dress sense, choose a new hairstyle, start wearing make-up or want a tattoo. However, psychologists have discovered that the urgency to change their appearance completely could be linked to more harrowing issues such as a crippling lack of self-confidence or eating disorders.

In this instance, it would be worth paying attention to their eating habits to determine whether there are any strange behaviours, such as starving themselves, vomiting after mealtimes or binge eating. If, for example, you are noticing patterns of binge eating, it would be best to book professional therapy from for your teenager, to prevent the situation from worsening over time.


Create clear boundaries

It’s normal for teenagers to want to have independence. They will challenge you to give them as much freedom as possible and push you to see how much power you will give them. However, this can become a serious problem if clear boundaries aren’t put in place. With that being said, boundaries should be reasonable and constantly applied to every situation, so your teen knows where they stand. If, however, you go overboard with too many rules, it’s likely they will dismiss them entirely.


Lack of communication

Your teenager may not confide in you as much as you would like them to and instead may turn to their closest friends when they have a problem. While this may upset you, think back to your teenage years – it’s highly unlikely you spoke to your parents about hard-hitting issues. Therefore, don’t push your teenager to open up as they will only pull back even further. Stress the fact that you’d like to be their primary support and are willing to sit down and chat whenever they need help or advice.

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