Positive Experiences Nursing In Public

Oooh Positive Nursing Experiences in Public, that always gets a good reaction! I have been breastfeeding on and off (more on than off) for the past twenty years – I have the three teenagers who tower above me to prove it!! Throughout my many years of feeding, I have spent quite a large chunk of … Read more

Breastfeeding Support

When I began my breastfeeding journey over fifteen years ago, the level of information and breastfeeding support was very limited. I attended a breastfeeding workshop, which was a two hour group session with my midwife, who happened to be the breastfeeding expert in our area.I knew that I wanted to breastfeed and was adamant that … Read more

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Baby and Mum

This post  is all about the Benefits of breastfeeding, not just for baby for for Mummy too! If you saw an advert on television for a ‘super’ product that could –  protect your baby against ear and chest infections, lower the risk of Diabetes , give them less chance of allergies, better mental development and mouth formation, … Read more

Hooray for boobies – The Breastfeeding Meme

1. Why did you choose boob over bottle? I never gave it much thought, I just assumed that I would breastfeed, when I was pregnant with Xene I was in the middle of my nurse training, midwifery placement, I attended a breastfeeding workshop with my mentor and I decided that breastfeeding was what I was … Read more