Breastmilk Pumping Is Certainly a Difficult Skill!

Pumping, when I hear that word, I have visions of litres and litres of liquid gushing out, however when you put it with the word Breastmilk, it never seems to have that effect!!

I am not even going to try and calculate the amount of hours I have sat over the past fifteen years trying to squeeze, squash and pummel my boobs to get milk out, I am truly amazed how far a nipple can stretch inside a breastpump funnel!

Hand Expressing is even more hilarious, I have squirted my husband in the eye, covered the television screen and the poor babies have had more than their fair share of milk fountains!!

So, as you may have guessed, I am probably one of THE worlds worst expressers of breastmilk, not that I haven’t tried every suggestion – warm bath, alternate, first feed of the day, last feed at night, in fact there probably isn’t any method I haven’t given a try to, but my little boobs are only ever successful with a baby attached to them!!

Which I found quite bizarre as I have the hugest milk supply when feeding, my entire bed is soaked through every night, I go through so may breast pads per day I reverted to washable ones, it was just the actual art of pumping, so I decided the only way I could collect milk was via non pumping methods, I started putting the plastic breast shells in my bra, and was amazed at how much I managed to collect, the only problem I found was having them in at night didn’t work, I would collect the milk and whilst I was laying down would get a face full as it came out of the little spout!!

My advice is don’t give up, there will be some weird and wacky way to collect your breastmilk, the trick is just to find out which way works for you!!


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  1. Hi, I didn’t know that some mums pump exclusively. That is definitely hard work and dedication. I like you have only ever been able to express small amounts, despite the countless attempts!


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