BreastMilk Pumping – Pass Me The Breast Pads!



There are many reasons why mums use a pump, it may be that their baby has been born very early and not yet learnt how to feed, or mum is far too sore to have baby to the breast.

Later in their breastfeeding journey, a pump may be used if mum is returning to work, or that elusive night out (some i’ve heard get a night off!)

Whatever the reason, there is one important thing that we need to remember, our little baby is SO much better at getting milk from you!!

When I had my first daughter I have milk leaking in every direction, shirts would be soaked, I could wring out my bras, breast pads became my most treasured possesion UNTIL I tried to use a breast pump….

For some reason, as soon as I put the plastic of the pump near to my chest, it was as if both boobs went on strike!!

I would sit for hours and I would be lucky to get an ounce, that obviously isnt the case for some women, but if you are in any doubt that baby is not getting enough milk, DO NOT rely on what comes out of the pump…HONEST.

There are lots of ways to express, from simple hand expression, to manual pumps, right through to double electric ones, the choice is really up to you…




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  1. I didn’t need a breast pump – managed breast feeding for 12 months. Would have been good for night feeds for hubby to chip in tho.


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