The Benefits of Breastfeeding

There are SO many benefits of breastfeeding  -Better neurological development, Better jaw development, Straighter, healthier teeth, Protection against ear infections, Protection against colds, chest infections and sore throats, breastfeeding Prolongs natural immunity to mumps, measles, polio and other diseases, Lessens chance of eczema and other allergies, Lower risk of diabetes, Helps prevent obesity and Protection against gastro-enteritis and tummy upsets, all sounds pretty amazing and completely awesome that you are responsible….

As well as all of those incredible reasons, there are others that I have found..

The biggest one for me was the increase in my boobage!!! I have always had little uns, but breastfeeding actually gives me more than a handful, so for all those flat chested mummies, breastfeeding is awesome!!

For me I have found that I have not had a period for about a year each time, so anything that keeps those horrid stomach cramps at bay is worth it in my book, (it doesn’t happen to everyone)

You are advised to eat 500 extra calories per day whilst breastfeeding, so in my world that means a cream cake every now and again will help with those calories, and I do need the extra energy!!

Breastfeeding will also burn those calories, I have found that without too much exercise I have slimmed down pretty quickly and there have been interviews with some celebrities that say breastfeeding is the best diet they have ever been on.

Its completely FREE, when I see those tins of formula milk and the price, it makes me shudder, I cannot understand why I would need to spend all of that money, when I could be using it to buy little treats for the family, or put the money towards a much needed family holiday..

No making bottles or sterilising, the thought of dragging myself out of bed at some disgusting time of night/early morning and having to make up a bottle doesn’t bear thinking about, I can picture it, the kettle would end up in the fridge, the bottle in the milk tin, yes I have been known to put items in strange places through sleep deprivation!! But to have my little one relying on me to do all this properly, when all I have to do is lift them from their moses basket or cot and just get my boob out, there really is no contest for me…

If you think your milk supply is too little (it probably isn’t!) there are ways you can increase milk supply with things like lactation boosting supplements

What about you ?

Breastfeeding has so many benefits for your newborn but its not always easy from the beginning, it takes time to get the latch correct and pick up on feeding cues, click through to find out lots of amazing benefits of breastfeeding

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  1. Because my mum advised me to, so I did, but didnt work out for me, unfortuneately, but its always worth trying as its best for baby x

  2. Lots of reasons including money and ease, but mostly I just wanted too and knew it was best and natural and I didnt really want to give my baby cows milk!


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