How To Get Kids To Do Their Homework

Getting kids to keep up to date with their homework is a challenge for parents of children of all different ages. It can become a battle of wills, and both parents and children can be left feeling frustrated. Here, we have some helpful tips and tricks to help make homework time more peaceful for all the family and get kids to do their homework.

Minimize Distractions

This is important for all age groups. Younger children tend to be easily distracted by television and toys which might be close by to where they do their homework. Older children and teenagers will probably have their phones with them at all times, which can clearly be very distracting when they are trying to study.

If there is more than one child in the house, it can be ideal to set them up separate homework spaces. Often, younger children can distract older ones when they are studying. If you have young children, who are not yet at school, ensure they stay away from the ‘homework zone’ when the older children are busy.

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Get Involved With Your Kids Homework

Parents can help make homework more enjoyable for children who are struggling. Try and turn activities into a game, or find ways to solve problems together. It’s important not to do the homework for your children though. Teenagers might prefer if you leave them alone to get on with it, so don’t feel offended if this is the case!

It may be that you find your child is struggling with a particular subject and no amount of homework is going to help, therefore you may want to consider getting a tutor to assist and help them with the subject they are finding difficult.

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Make Children Responsible for their Homework

Instead of phoning your child’s teacher to explain why their homework is late, let them deal with the consequences themselves. You should also try and encourage them to make a plan or timetable for what they need to do and when, so they can manage their time independently. Parents and children can set up some rules together, such as ensuring everything is handed in on time, or no television until the homework is complete.

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Praise your Child for Doing Well

Try to ignore bad behaviour, such as failing to do homework. It’s a well-known fact that ignoring negative behaviour can help it stop sooner than drawing attention to it. Instead, give praise when your child completes all their work on time, or if they get really good grades. Tell them you are proud of them for being punctual or organised for example.

It’s best to avoid giving rewards after every piece of homework, but the occasional treat can help kids’ spirits up. For example, if your child gets all their homework in on time throughout the term, they could get a special reward or treat at the end such as a new toy or game.

Explain the Pros of Homework

Children often think they do enough work at school and find homework boring and pointless. Help explain to them why they must do their homework and the advantages it will bring them both now and later in life. You could also remind them that if they want to pursue a certain career path, then they need to study hard. Failing that, you could remind them that they need to get good grades in order to get a job and earn money!

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