Top 5 Tips for Building a Healthy Marriage

Marriage is a hot topic of conversation, it has been for decades, and it will continue to be one of the most discussed subjects of all time. It is widely agreed that the origin of marriage dates back before recorded history, and there are all kinds of opinions about it.

Some people believe that marriage is simply a contract between two individuals to ratify their affections, while others believe that it is a vital institution for raising children.

From those who don’t believe in traditional marriages, to Hollywood, who will have you believe that fairytale endings exist and are worth waiting for – whatever your belief system on the subject, we can all agree that marriage takes effort from both parties to ensure that it works.

Below are the top five tips for ensuring that your marriage is healthy:


The ability to talk and listen well are drastically underrated skills. Feeling heard and understood are essential components of a healthy marriage. Tell your spouse what is going on, share your feelings, and learn how to listen properly.

Not all problems shared need to be problems solved, sometimes your partner just needs a sounding board to figure out their problems on their own.

Make Time For Each Other

While spending every waking minute with your spouse is not recommended, married people need to spend time together so their relationship can flourish. Schedule date nights and weekends away together as often as possible.

First-time parents need to make time for each other and not just worry about the baby.

If a mini vacay isn’t possible, find other weekend activities that you can enjoy together. Spending quality time together will help you get to know your partner on a much deeper level.

Understand Your Personality Type

Compatibility is a massive part of any marriage. With Psychological Type theory, particularly about personality types, the way a person takes in information to assess the world around them and make decisions plays a significant role in what makes them the way they are.

These preference poles can get broken down into four types of people: introverted, intuitive, feelings-oriented, or perceiving. People with perceiving preferences in relationships tend to gain a sense of control by making choices when they are strictly necessary, meaning that they put off decision-making until the last possible moment.

That can be tough for a judging type as those people have a contact need for structure. If you are your partner are polar opposites, your marriage will require a bit more work and a lot more patience.

Negotiate Conflict

Conflict is healthy in a relationship; couples aren’t supposed to agree on every aspect. If your marriage gets faced with mostly unresolved conflict, that can escalate rapidly into a situation that is out of control.

If the intensity of your conflict isn’t adequately negotiated, it can lead to an emotionally and possibly physically unsafe scenario – and no one wants that. Working through conflict together requires patience and understanding.

Show Respect

By failing to respect your spouse, you can form constant negative habits like bringing each other down instead of building one another up. Nothing damages a relationship faster than put-downs and biting criticism.

Treat your partner the same way you would like to get treated – showering each other will compliment you, and you will notice how quickly your bond will strengthen because of it.

To End

No marriage is perfect, but having goals and working together to achieve them should be a beautiful thing. Don’t take each other for granted, following these five tips above isn’t rocket science, but it will bring you closer together – and at the end of the day, that is the first step to improving your marriage.

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