7 Ways to Stay Motivated When You’re Working from Home

If you’re someone who has a remote job, you’ve probably heard this one a lot of times- ‘Oh! You have it easy,’ but deep inside you know what a struggle it can be to find the motivation to work and resist the urge to slack off. If that sounds like something you’re dealing with, read on, because we’ve got super helpful and actionable advice your way!

Dress for Success

You’ll be surprised if we told you how much your attire affects your attitude and motivation levels on a work day. Yes, working in your pyjamas is actually one of the perks of working remotely, but do that and you’ll see your productivity levels plunge. Make sure you dress up in at least casual attire when you hit the desk.

Pre-Plan your Day

Pre-planning your day the night before can really motivate you and make you look forward to the next day. Create a sort of checklist and keep ticking things off as you do them. Set time slots for each task you do in the day, the day before, and try to stick to it as much as you can, don’t forget to schedule in a lunch break and coffee breaks during the day.

Be Strict

One of the biggest pitfalls of working at home is the fact that you’re less likely to stick to a routine, and that just leaves you feeling sluggish and unmotivated. Try to treat your work day at home just like a regular work day- wake up when the alarm rings, finish your basics and get onto your work day and don’t get up until you’re finished. The regularity can really make a difference.

Remind Yourself

Sometimes, it really helps to remind yourself how having a remote job is next to the best thing in the world- it helps you save loads on commuting time and also means you have an increased flexibility over the projects you take, which ultimately translates into more time for your family.

Work Out

No, we don’t mean you need to get out and work. We mean getting started with a workout routine. Having a remote job doesn’t just limit your social interaction, but also affects your physical activity levels and puts you at risk of obesity and other related disorders. Join a local gym or start working out at home- this will help you stay motivated and also boost your energy levels.

Stay Motivated when working from home


Get Out

For some of us, working at home can be tough- super tough. We find it super hard to concentrate when there’s no one around, and with family members around, we tend to get distracted. If that sounds like you, hitting a local cafe or coffee shop can help- the buzz of people around you can make you feel more active and likely to do things faster. If you choose to spend your entire working week confined in the four walls of your house, ensure you have sufficient light and consider installing Prime air conditioning Port Kennedy can provide your requirements and it may help your concentration, especially as the weather starts to heat up.

Work Wisely

What do we mean by wisely- you’d ask? Well, for starters, focus on finding a spot in your home where there are no distractions and you won’t be interrupted, and have your workspace set up there. As much as you might be tempted, do not bring your laptop on the bed- let your space for relaxation be just that and nothing more, and when you’re working, don’t go anywhere near your relaxation spot, try not to choose somewhere in the middle of the house or you will constantly be interrupted to get a drink, or make a snack!



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