7 Items that Can Help Make your Work Day Easier

Looking for ways to make your work day easier, I have the solutions

Let’s face it- even if you do love your job to bits, being cooped up in an office building for 8 good hours of your day isn’t a pleasant experience at all. If your work day has started to feel a bit more difficult for you than you’d like, here’s some help your way. It obviously pays to be organised and also to plan out your days and tasks, but sometimes you need a couple of items to help you along the way.
Read on to discover 7 cool items that could actually help you feel better and at your productive best during your work day.

Desk Organiser

Probably one of the most straightforward and necessary items on this list. If you’ve got a long work day (or week) ahead of you, having a cluttered desk is not ideal. Getting a desk organiser that has space to hold all of your pens, important papers, business cards, phones and other essentials available right in front of you for easy access can really make things less chaotic, many office desks already have them included, but if they don’t these are an essential item to purchase, you will save so much time hunting around for certain items of stationery or important papers, if they are already neatly organised on your desk or inside a drawer.

Air Plants

Apart from being super trendy, plants and succulents could actually turn out to be a great work desk essential for you! Why- you may ask. Well, studies have shown that having a plant on or near your work desk could make you feel happier, less stressed and much more productive.

A Fancy Coffee Mug

Pretty sure you can’t survive your work day without a cup (or more) of coffee? Why not take things up a notch? Get yourself a mug that screams out a motivational quote that never fails to inspire you, put you in ‘action’ mode. It may not seem like a lot, but it’ll surely help boost your productivity to another level altogether.

Good Music

Starting your day with some upbeat music is another splendid way of getting yourself in a better, energetic mood. Whether you’re using a public transport system or are driving, playing some happy music during your commute can get you inspired and in a better mood. Time to create a new playlist folks!

music helps work day easier

Lumbar Support Pillow

You probably knew this one was coming- whether you have a history of back pain or not, a support pillow is an absolute must for everyone having an 8 hour desk job. You’ll find different variants available, and most of them have straps that make it super adjustable as per your requirements.

Wireless Charger

A wireless charger for your phone, or even better- a charging station for multiple devices can really make things simpler, to say the least. Saves you the trouble of having to hunt down your charger in a bundle of wires, or hunt for a charging port which is most certainly likely to be occupied!

A Water Bottle

Last, but definitely not the least, having a bottle of water next to you means you’ll be drinking more water, which can help you feel fresh, more energetic at work. Plus, you’ll also be getting up to pee more often, which is great, because sitting for hours at your work desk is anything but ideal- it is a great way to bring some moving around and activity in your day at work.

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