Letter Template to Santa – Perfect for Kids

The kids are going to have great fun personalising the letter template to Santa ! What better way to tell Santa exactly what they’re hoping to receive for Christmas?! 

Can you believe that the holiday season is upon us? Pretty soon we’ll be snuggling down, making cookies, drinking hot chocolate, and thinking about everything that is going to be happening over the few short weeks. And if the kids are already thinking about what they’re going to ask Santa for, these Letters to Santa are just what you need! 

Letters to Santa 

Part of the magic of Christmas is wondering what Santa is actually able to do. Can he actually make up all the toys himself or does he rely on the help of his elves? 

And what about the electronics portion of Christmas? Does Santa have the ability to make electronics or is that even part of the deal?

All of these questions are legit holiday questions that just might be running through the mind of your child! Instead of letting them wonder, why not have them write out their wishes and thoughts for Santa instead?

That way you and the big guy will know exactly what the kids are hoping for when it comes to Christmas morning and it’s just so much easier to play ahead.

You could even get a Real Postbox To Santa for the children to put them in, ready to be whisked away to the North Pole to be added to Santa’s List.

Christmas Wish List 

Just to get a leg up on planning for Christmas, have the kiddos write out their Christmas wish list using this simple template. It’s an easy way to see what they’re hoping for and understand just how hard Santa is going to have to work to make it happen!

letters to Santa christmas wish list

Dear Santa Letters 

There’s no such thing as having too many letters to Santa. Everyone in the family needs to write out their Christmas list and send it out for the big guy to see. Each of these Letters to Santa below is a little bit different in style but still, all have the same point and wants. 

This first Letter to Santa is great for younger kids as the majority of it is already filled out for them. They’ll just have to add in a few key points and it’s done. 

Without any words at all listed, this Letter to Santa is a total blank slate. Let your kiddos write down their thoughts and then mail it out in the mail for him to read! (Hopefully, they’re on the nice list this year so Santa will stop and visit!) 

Short, sweet, and right to the point. There’s no fluff needed when writing out their Santa Letter on this Dear Santa printable! 


Letter template to santa

And last, but not least, let your child use the bullet point style to list out their wants and needs. It makes sense to do it this way because Santa is a big guy with limited time! 

Letter template to santa

All of these free printable Letters to Santa are perfect for printing, filling out, and popping in the mail. Plan on giving them a few days to get all the way to the North Pole! 

And once the kids fill out their Letters for Santa, they’re going to be even more excited for the Christmas holiday to arrive! 

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