How to stay organised in 2019

There are so many amazing things that happen when a New Year arrives. The best part of a new year is that you’re able to redirect towards a positive change. This could be dieting, exercising, new goals or lifestyle changes, and so forth. Whatever you’ve decided to opt for in the new year, I am confident that you’ll be successful. One of the areas that I’d like to focus on in 2019 is staying organised. It’s easy to start the year off right with a planner and documents that help get me organised, but to stay organised all year round is going to take a little work. This is why I’m sharing the top tips on how to stay organised in 2019.

5 Tips to Stay Organised in 2019

Grab a Good Planner

The best way to ensure you stay organised in 2019 is to get yourself a good planner. This planner should include a calendar and plenty of space to jot down notes. For the blogging life, the planner should have extra paper for you to jot down blog post ideas each month. They make a variety of planners that you can purchase online. No matter what your budget looks like, there’s a planner for you. Click on any of the planners below to purchase.

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Basket Cubby Organiser

There are many cubby style wooden organisers that you can purchase online or create out of shelving you have at home. This type of organiser will basically have fabric “boxes” that usually cost anywhere from £3 to £14 each online and fit nicely into a wooden cubby organiser shelf. Use these fabric boxes to organise your office supplies, entertainment room supplies or dining room supplies, depending on which room you place the cubby organiser in. This may be a bit on the pricey side, but it will help you stay organised in 2019.

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Charging Dock

If you have a lot of devices that need charging in your home, then a charging dock that allows you to hide the cords while charging multiple devices will be a great addition to helping you stay organised in 2019. These charging docks come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and prices to suit the needs of anyone. Having a charging dock that the entire household uses to charge devices will ensure your home stays organised without the clutter of wires throughout the year.

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Motivational Quotes

One of the reasons people succeed in staying organised for a new year is that they develop the mindset that keeps them focused on this goal. Consider purchasing a motivational wall calendar or wall decor pieces that will continue to keep your mind focused on staying organised in 2019. Motivational or inspirational quotes have helped many people succeed in staying positive and focused with more energy than those who don’t hang such items throughout their home.

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Letter Tray

Lastly, if you get a lot of bills and letters in the mail or perhaps you have kids who toss their school work on the dining room table or all over the house. Having a letter tray or bill rack type item in the family area will keep you organised in 2019. This simple item is quite affordable for any budget and you can opt to have a letter tray that sits on a countertop or hangs from the wall. Be sure you get the whole family involved in putting paperwork in the letter tray or bill rack. Then your home can stay free of paperwork clutter.

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These are my top 5 ways to stay organised in 2019 as it pertains to the household and home office. There are many ways people work to get their home organised in the new year so that they can achieve success in keeping the home organised. I personally feel that these five options are going to be your best starting point to stay organised in 2019.


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