Important Driving Safety and Car Maintenance Tips for New Parents

Having a baby will really change every aspect of your life, including the way you behave while driving and take care of your car. In order to keep your family safe, you need to leave your reckless driving habits behind and study these important safety and maintenance tips that will make every car ride comfy, safe and fun.

Install a car seat

Car seats are lifesavers as they reduce the risk of fatal injury during a car accident for kids aged 1 to 4. So make sure to always have your kids’ seats installed, even for short rides. And make sure to look for some recommendations and reviews before you buy car seats. Your choice should depend on your kid’s size, age and weight, so you need a good model. Also, study the user’s manual well during the installation process. Every manufacturer provides detailed instructions on how to attach seats properly to boost safety and comfort.

Remove distractions

What you do in the car as a parent plays a huge role in safety. No matter how safe your car is, it will not protect you or your family if you’re driving poorly. The first thing is to leave your phone alone or connect it to your Bluetooth device in the car—no touching with your hands and looking down. If you need a snack, make sure to stop and enjoy your snacks in peace. Before you start driving, set your GPS, clean the clutter and tune the radio to avoid fiddling. Everything that distracts you from the road should be avoided.

Stick to your maintenance schedule

In order to stay extra safe and comfortable during car rides, you need to have your car maintained regularly. In order to find the best time to examine your car, consult your owner’s manual which contains all information about oil changes, tire rotation, brake inspection and other maintenance information you need to know. The manual also contains information on the proper times to engage in upkeep. Stick to this schedule and your car will be safe, comfy and long-lasting.

Invest in good suspension

With sleeping kids at the back, you really want to provide them with a smooth and safe ride. But what do you do when you can feel even the slightest bump on the road? Well, it might be time to check out your suspension. This part of the car wears out slowly, so you might not even notice the shift from smooth to bumpy car rides. But, once you replace integral components of your suspension, you’ll feel like you’re driving a whole new car. And finding high-quality car parts today isn’t hard, especially if you find a good supplier. They offer all sorts of suspension parts suitable for most popular car brands and models, so you just have to type in your vehicle’s specs and voila! And an experienced mechanic can replace your suspension parts in no time making your car safer and more comfortable for everyone.

Test Airbags and Brakes

During your annual car service, make sure to order the airbag and the brake test. Both airbags and brakes are integral parts of car safety and can literally make a difference between life and death. If you’re a new driver and still not familiar with how your car drives, it’s best to see a professional once a year. Later, you will start noticing small changes in braking and you will know exactly when a professional needs to be involved.

Maintain your tyres

Having a flat tyre or a blowout can be very dangerous, so make sure to keep your tires properly inflated. This is an easy way to improve safety, maintain control over the vehicle and make your rides smooth and comfortable. Also, ensure your tires have plenty of traction—balding tires should be replaced. The tread depth should be at least 1.6mm, so make sure to regularly inspect your treads and check the inflation once a month. You can get a tread gouge for a few bucks and inflate your tires at every gas station.

Every time you’re driving your kids, you want your vehicle to perform at maximum efficiency and offer maximum safety. And with these good driving and maintenance habits, you’ll enjoy every ride with your family knowing all of you are safe and secure.

About the author: Mike Johnston is a freelance writer who writes about home improvement, interior design, family life and green living.

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