How To Keep Your Car Clean With Kids In It

While plenty of adults have messy cars, the ones with kids take it to a whole new level. French fries shoved between seats, someone’s shoe with no sign of its match, and random stickers nice cashiers give the kids on the way out of the store. It never fails. Whilst it is usually quite a funny talking point in our household, it can be quite dangerous, if you have too much of a cluttered car, it could prevent access to the children in the event of an accident, or too much rubbish flying around the car may block your view whilst driving, you don’t want to have to contact a car accident lawyer based in augusta, simply because your car was messy!

Here are a few tricks to keep your car clean with kids in it.

Cover It Up


Seat covers are your friend for preventing the seats from getting ruined by sloshing drinks, muddy feet, and that art project that still has wet pant your child is dragging around.

Bin It


Grab a set of waste bags that attach to the back of your seat. This leaves no excuse for trash to be everywhere. It will take time but you can train your kids to use these for their trash.

Cordless Is the Answer


Buy a cordless vacuum. This takes away your excuse for not vacuuming your car out often. Such a simple thing can keep your car from getting overly messy while making cleaning it simple so you are likely to do it rather than put vacuuming off until later.

Storage Is The Key


Keep a basket in the trunk you can pull out and have your children put all of there things into before getting out of the car. This will make carrying their stuff in easier reducing the random things left in the car at the end of your trip.

Scrape Away The Goo


Keep a small plastic scraper and Goo Gone in your glove box to quickly clean up tough messes when they happen. This is great for those stickers that end up on the inside of your windows.

Change The Way You and The Kids Treat the Car

Build a new habit and routine that will keep your car clean. Make car cleaning weekly a chore to add to the list, this will keep your car from getting out of control when you have kids in it leaving behind messes. Make it a family affair and get your children to help you clean out your car, hopefully you will be able to keep it tidy, but i’m making no promises!

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