How to Raise an Inquisitive Child

Inquisitiveness is a good way to help children understand that they can be free, focused and creative in their skills. At a young age we are all creative and curious in one way or another, but it’s important to promote that for your child so that they feel happy to explore areas they might not have experienced before.

But this is often found in nurseries and well throughout school life. Like this private nursery in Harpenden for instance – they have a range of activities to help children explore their inquisitive nature and find ways to grow in a manageable way.

Here are some ways you can help your child become more inquisitive and engaged in their studies as a result.

Use creative prompts

If there’s a time and place to explore creativity, then let it happen. Your child could use this time to really discover what it’s like to be inquisitive, and use those skills in other areas. For example, why not try unstructured play time to help them think on their toes? You could also use water play, going for unplanned walks, or mixing up their favourite activities just to keep them continually stimulated.

Ask your child open-ended questions

Being open and honest with your child will really help them understand what is out there in the world and what there is yet to discover. There are a lot of opportunities out there for your child to pick up new skills, and this can also come in the form of asking them plenty of open-ended questions. Ask them what they think of a certain TV programme, or their favourite film, or why they like chocolate so much. Keep them thinking freely to allow them time to open up their mind.

Mix up your activities

Mixing things up keeps your child always guessing, and it helps them become aware of what they can do to change things up and keep them interesting. The same old activities each week might become pretty boring for a child after a while, unless there is a clear passion there for them to explore. But even then, this is the perfect opportunity for your child to discover new activities and find time to improve on their skills.

There are many ways your child can learn to be naturally inquisitive. Providing a happy and open environment to develop their skills in will help your child explore the many possible creative routes they could go down. Inquisitiveness will only help your child grow as a person, which is why parents should find the time for them to explore this amazing trait.

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