Top Tips for Preparing Your Garden for Winter

Winter can feel like you have an endless list of things to work on, one of which will be your garden. There can be a range of things you can do to optimise your space for those colder months, but if you get ahead of the game early you can keep a good looking garden that will see you through. Here are some top tips to get you started.

Clean up your lawn

Grass won’t get as overgrown quickly as it would in the summer, but it will still need a level of maintenance. Mulch can be a common problem if you don’t clear it all away, which often appears when it’s been raining and all the leaves have fallen or applied by you in the summer. Keep the grass tidy and short so that there isn’t an issue with growth or pests appearing when you least expect it. Alternatively, you could consider adding artificial grass to help with general maintenance.

Remove all that moss

Moss is common around this time of the year and it can appear anywhere – between bricks, your grass, paving slabs and even on fences if they’re not kept clean. Aim to remove these to promote good growth of the grass and to keep other risks at bay. You could use a moss killer and apply an autumn feed to your lawn, or pull them out with a rake or another similar tool.

Clear up your plants for the next season

If you’re an avid gardener getting prepped for the next season of veg you can now use this time to clear out any plant pots not in use and make space for seeds. Having this done early means there’s plenty of time for your winter vegetables or plants to grow happily within the cold, as well as retaining moisture for healthy growth over the months.

Prune your plants

Some plants will continue to grow and flourish all year round with the right amount of maintenance. This is where you will need to prune them every so often with just before winter being a good time to do so. Roses, for example, should be pruned around January or February time to allow for better growth in the spring.

Removing the dead or weathered elements of your flowers can really help them grow better and last much longer, so it’s worthwhile doing. The plus side is that it won’t take you too long to do in a morning, so getting it out of the way early can mean you’ve ticked something off your list straight away.

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