How to Be On Time With Kids

When you have kids you quickly learn how little time there really is in a day. Everyday tasks take longer and longer when you add kids to the mix. Sadly not everyone understands why parents seem to be perpetually late for just about everything. (until they have their own family!) Instead of feeling guilty about being late for everything use these tricks to be on time with kids.

How To Be On Time With Kids Baby Changing bag ready by the door

To help be on time with kids start with keeping a packed change bag handy and ready to go out the door. This should be refilled at the end of each outing and placed back by the door ready to go. Another great option is to keep a bag in the trunk of your car with odds and ends like a spare outfit for each kid when they are older. This eliminates the rush to find things you need for outings. We always have extra hats gloves and scarves in the winter and sun hats in the summer.

If you are going on a longer trip than necessary, ensure you have filled up the car with petrol prior to the day it’s needed, the last thing you want is to be completely flustered with a screaming child in the back of the car and end up filling up with the wrong type of petrol, I still have nightmares about my lovely little Red Peugeot nearly having to be scrapped due to the possible damage to her from starting to fill up with the wrong fuel! Luckily came to my rescue and were able to save her!

How To Be On Time With Kids Fill up with petrol the day before the journey

Older kids backpacks and bags for activities should be packed the night before. Rushing to gather homework and signed papers is a great way to end up late or leave something important at home, if a child thrusts an important letter at you that needs to be signed when they come home from school, I urge you to read it, sign it, and place it back in their school bag as quickly as possible, instead of leaving it in a pile of papers on the worktop that will get eaten up and never be seen again (I speak from experience)

If you need to pack a lunch for school or an outing, take the time to pack the lunch the night before or fill the freezer with lunches that you can grab and toss into your child’s lunch box before running out the door. Freezing meals from dinner leftovers is the perfect way to make the most of your time.

How To Be On Time With Kids have lunches already packed the night before

Set out clothes and shoes the night before. It never fails when you need to get out the door someone can’t find something they need. Kids always seem to lose their shoes so setting them out the night before can help prevent the daily struggle with missing shoes.

Plan to start your day early. Being ahead of everyone else is a great way to help keep your cool and get everything done. Before everyone else is up, enjoy a few minutes to yourself and get ready so you can focus on everyone else without worrying that you won’t be ready in time.

Keep a planner handy. This will allow you to keep track of everything coming up so nothing catches you off guard making you late. Check your planner daily to see what is up ahead so you can plan to be ready and out the door on time, I also have a large family calendar which hangs near the door to go out, just to ensure I have double checked dates and appointments, although with a family of nine we struggle to find one that can accommodate us all!

How To Be On Time With Kids Get dressed before breakfast

Have your kids get dressed before breakfast. Nothing motivates kids like food does. Having your children get ready before they eat is a great way to make sure they want to pick up the pace rather than drag their feet. Keep some grab and go foods on hand in case they have a slow-moving day. Breakfast on the go is better for being on time than a half-dressed child when you should be out the door.

Set an alarm for 10 to 15 minutes before you should be out the door. Have everyone take bathroom breaks and grab their jackets and shoes at this point. If everyone gets ready quickly you have some spare time. If your child is having a slow day you have time to spare.

And there we have it, some top tips to ensure you make it on time every day, without fuss, hassle or a nervous breakdown!

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