What To Watch on Disney+

As soon as Disney+ was released in the UK, we signed up to it, all seven children are huge Disney fans and I think the fact Mandalorian was showing was a big factor for the boys and my husband! Trying to find something for all nine of us to watch can be a little tricky, … Read more

Family Movies For You To Watch

Saturday Nights when I was younger was either going out for the night or working in the local pub, and then going out to a nightclub at 11 when I finished, these days however, my Saturday Nights are more likely to be sitting down with all the family to watch a movie. 8 FAMILY MOVIES … Read more

44 Cats Now on Pop TV #44cats

Viggo loves to watch TV when he gets home from school, I think it’s his way of unwinding from the pressures of the school day, so he is always on the lookout for new shows to watch, the only downside is that both himself and Tyrus have become experts at recording programmes and setting up … Read more

Have You Heard Of The Hengelings ?

Today is World Teachers Day. to celebrate the amazing wonderful job teachers do of nurturing and expanding the minds of our children, whilst they are teaching them between 9am and 3pm five days of the week. But children are like little sponges, they absorb so much information, and not always the stuff you want them … Read more

“Your name” Go and see it NOW!

Xene, Neva, Lochlan and I recently went to see the new animated film Your Name. It’s an emotional heart wrenching film about a boy and girl who randomly swapped bodies with each other The opening of the film went a good steady pace acknowledging all about the girl (Mitsuha Miyamizu) and her lifestyle in a … Read more

Room With A View Theatre Royal Norwich

Last night Neva and I attended the opening night of Room with A View at the Theatre Royal Norwich starring Felicity Kendal, along with a wonderful cast, adapted in this instance by Simon Reade and directed by Adrian Noble. The beginning of the story is set in Florence where a young Lady Lucy Honeychurch (Lauren Coe) … Read more