Winter Is Coming: Don’t Leave Your Roof Out In The Cold With These Pro Tips

As winter sets in this year, you want to keep in mind the various stresses the season will impose on your roof. Even if your roof is relatively new, you want to make sure it is ready for the coming weather. The last thing you want is an unchecked minor issue leading to serious and costly repairs down the road. Here are some common roofing problems to watch out for this season.

 Gutters And Downpipes

This is one area of your home that can be easily forgotten about until it’s too late. Excessive buildup of organic materials such as leaves and sticks can lead to some very serious problems for your roof. Water will always find a way to the ground and if it can’t get there through your downpipe, its next option is right through your roof and into your home. Whilst it will take time for the water to cause major damage, even a small amount can lead to things like a mould infestation that is particularly nasty to deal with. So, make sure to either bust out the ladder and clean those pesky gutters or hire a contractor if you don’t have the time. Your roof will thank you for it.

 Animals, Pests And Moisture

The winter in Sydney can bring some unpleasant weather. Heavy rains coupled with high winds and even the occasional hailstorm can be extremely hard on your roof. If left unchecked, it is inevitable that moisture will get into your home and badly damage your structure. As soon as there is even a small opening, you can be sure that pests such as rodents will find their way through and set up shop in your family home or rental property. Hiring an exterminator can be a costly affair and usually requires repeat visits to effectively mitigate the problem. Sometimes, all it takes is one major weather event to cripple a poorly maintained roof so it’s better to call in specialist roofing contractors to check for and repair any damage before it presents itself as a serious problem.


Trees And Branches

As beautiful as that amazing tree on your property may be, if it has branches that hang over top of or come in direct contact with your roof you may have a problem. As the high winds and rain start to hit the Sydney area, those branches will rub on your roof, slowly eroding it away and making access points for moisture. Not only that, but a storm may send a large branch crashing into your home, causing severe damage that may require more than just the services of your friendly neighbourhood roofing company.

Another problem with overhanging branches is the animals that come with them. Seeds from the tree can attract birds and other problematic pests to your roof that you really don’t want. If your roof becomes an attractive hangout for birds, you are increasing the likelihood of minor damage that will lead to more serious problems later on. So, make sure to trim or remove any branches hanging over or in contact with your home and roof.


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