We Saw The Dolphins!

We have just returned from a lovely week in Wales, staying in a fairly remote cottage between New Quay and Aberystwyth, it was very quiet with no phone or internet signal, which was surprisingly quite nice, although attempting to make a phonecall whilst Asa was driving along little narrow roads in our family bus was quite entertaining!
We had stayed in New Quay eight years ago and we were amazed by the dolphins just swimming around the harbour, we had promised to take the children again, so eight years later and three more children we did!
I do feel that I have to publicly apologise to my children as I was not the most happy mummy on our holiday, mainly due to sleep deprivation, a little to do with feeling ill with swollen glands and quite a lot to do with the constant scrutinisation of other people. I did feel like getting a T-Shirt made saying Yes I have Six Children, Yes it was our choice to have a large family, No I do not live on benefits and Yes my husband works very hard in a fairly well paid job….
I’m sure people don’t mean to stare, but I constantly felt like I had to ensure the children were on their best behaviour at all times, which of course is ridiculous, but it was just how I was made to feel. I would like to add that they were in fact brilliant and did behave themselves.
so A BIG FAT SORRY for not being funny mummy and more like moody mummy! But I can’t be chilled and relaxed every day of the year xxx
Anyway, we went out on a lovely boat trip for just an hour, reasonably priced and very pleasant, we did of course see the dolphins, but by the time we had ended our trip they were swimming happily in the harbour so as Xene pointed out we could have just stood and watched without going on the boat!
The entire week consisted of going to different beaches and doing the children’s new found favourite pasttime Rock Pooling, they caught numerous crabs of varying size, shrimps, fish and the Beach Hoppers proved entertaining hopping all over the beach, although I have to admit to one crab disaster, I had only taken my eye off the bucket for a second to look closely and realsie that the bigger crab had in fact eaten the smaller crab and it was not hiding underneath as I had promised the younger children! Obviously crabs do not all live happily together…
Now we are back home and working our way through a mountain of washing thinking that the school holidays are passing far too quickly and I do not want the children to go back to school.

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