The Latest Furniture Trends for Summer 2023 And How to Stay Up to Date

As quickly as the seasons shift from Spring to Summer, so do the trends in interior design and décor.

With the summer months lingering around the corner, it’s time to give your existing interior/exterior a makeover so you and your family can take advantage of the warmest season.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to stay in the loop with the hottest furniture trends – you’re in the right place.

From embracing the ‘less is more,’ approach and opting for décor that lessens our environmental impact to investing in rattan/bamboo materials and bringing the outdoors inside, our article below will fill you in on the latest summer furniture trends that will turn your living space into a cosy, homely environment just in time for summer.

So, whether you’re looking to update your living space or stay ahead of the curve, continue reading to discover the latest furniture trends for summer 2023 and how you can use them to create a living environment that is current yet uniquely yours.

Warm Minimalism

While traditional minimalism has been popularised by Marie Kondo and her legendary decluttering tips, the trend often receives criticism for baring resemblance to cryptic, cold showrooms that paint living spaces as canvases and not liveable.

In 2023, we’re beginning to see homeowners break away from traditional minimalism toward a warmer alternative.

Several key design elements are used to achieve this summer trend, including choosing from a warm colour palette, incorporating décor made from natural materials, layering with different materials such as chunky knit blankets, and much more.

Above all, the fundamental goal of minimalism is finding ways to live more minimally by using innovative storage methods like outsourcing private storage units from Safestore.

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Coastal Style

As soon as the sun rears its shiny head, the first thing on most people’s minds is the beach.

So, it’s only sensical that another furniture trend for summer 2023 is coastal-inspired décor. Unlike minimalism, coastal styles try to mirror the relaxed atmosphere of the coast, with a focus on creating light/airy spaces you want to spend your time in.

Coastal-inspired interiors are perfect for preparing you for the upcoming summer months since they focus on clean, precise lines which are soft on the eye and promote relaxation. Yet, they can boost an easily achievable elegance without fearing going overboard.

This style has become popular because it translates seamlessly from season to season, removing the need to redecorate often.

Fortunately, there are several ways that you can recreate it in your living space, from sticking to a colour scheme that resembles the coast (think bright whites, crisp blues, golden yellows etc.) and incorporating natural elements and many more.


Another trend for the upcoming summer of 2023 is surrealism, which goes against everything minimalism and coastal styles stand for. For the bold, gutsy homeowners, surrealism is inspired by famous artists such as Salvador Dali or Andre Breton and explores geometry with a hint of whimsical, dream-like fantasies.

Think oversized chairs paired with tiny coffee tables, colourful bubbled furnishings, telephones shaped like lips, bathtubs with human feet etc.

Surrealism is a perfect way for homeowners to explore the extraordinary and inject their living spaces with bright colours and dramatic shapes that perfectly complement the summer vibe.

You can explore surrealism without throwing yourself into the deep end by experimenting with small design elements and seeing if it goes with your style before adding more.

From installing bright, jungle-themed wallpaper in your bathroom to hanging a pink Kit-Kat clock in your living room, there are many ways to explore this trend and create a unique, summery living space.

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