The 5 Things You Can Do With Your Extra Easter Candy

There’s only so much candy that a child can eat. Even they get to a point in which they don’t want to see another piece of chocolate or Cadbury Egg. If you are up to your eyeballs still of candy from Easter or even Halloween then you are certainly thinking of what you can do with it to finally get rid of it. It’s not good to throw it away because that would be wasteful.

With some creativity, you can avoid eating the same old candy and also avoid throwing it away. There are a few ways that you can repurpose that candy and not still eat the same stuff for weeks on end. In this article, we will go over several things that you can do with your candy from Easter or Halloween.

Decorate a cake

If you still want to eat the candy but want a different way to do it then you can use it to decorate a cake. For instance, if you have plenty of Sunkist fruit gems left over then you can use them as a topping for your cake with some fruit jam filling. If you like peanut butter cakes then a topping of Reese’s Pieces would be a good way to use them up.

There are endless ways to use your candy for decorating from crushing up Reeses Cups to then sprinkle of the same peanut butter cake, to making patterns out of jelly beans on top.

Use M&Ms as mosaic tiles to create some kind of image on the cake just like it was an ancient Roman mosaic if you’re very creative.

Melt it and repurpose it

Chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies end up in pieces in a bag until they get that kind of chocolate dust from sitting for too long. At some point, it ends up getting thrown away. Luckily, chocolate melts up very nicely so it can be used again before it gets to that point.

For instance, you can get some cornflakes, Rice Krispies, or some other type of cereal and mix it with the melted chocolate from Easter. Then, let it cool on a rack and you now have a crunchy, crispy, and different candy to eat.

This also works great to use as a chocolate dip for things like strawberries and bananas if you want to add a little fiber and get it somewhat healthy to eat.

It’s not just chocolate that melts nicely. You can also melt those marshmallow Peeps and create something else with those as well. They work great when added to the same cereal mix and will harden slightly after a while. You can then coat the whole thing in the same chocolate you melted for other purposes.

Freeze it

There’s absolutely no reason to ever throw candy away just because you’re sick of eating it. There will always be a time when you haven’t had any candy for a while and wouldn’t mind if you had some around. If you freeze some of it then you will always have some of the candy on hand.

In fact, some candy is really good when it’s frozen. You can take frozen candy out of the freezer, break it up in a food processor and then top your ice cream with it. Or, just take some out when you have some guests over so you can offer them some when they drop by unexpectedly.

Use it in a cocktail

Some of those fruity candies melt down really well and can be made into syrup. Then, you can use that syrup to add some fun flavors to a cocktail. They will give your cocktails something unique as far as taste and even colors go.

Once again, some of the frozen candy can be used here as well. If you want to keep your cocktail cold then dropping in a few frozen jelly beans will do the trick while also adding a bit of color and flavor to the drink.

Bring them to work

Your coworkers will either love you for it or hate you for it, but you can always bring the candy to work. They may even be sick of the candy that they also have leftover from Easter or Halloween. However, boredom at work often leads to looking for things to snack on. It will be hard to resist a bowl of candy when the work starts getting dry and boring.

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