Self-Care Checklist for Busy Mums

Who here is just downright exhausted and needed some sort of break? While you can’t see me right now since I’m not there with you…just know that my hand is raised high up in the air, just like yours. This is why this Self-Care Checklist for Busy Mums needs to be part of your daily routine. 

Not only do you deserve and need a break, but it’s good for your mental and emotional health to take care of yourself each and every day, and to stop you having the mum guilt. If you’re driving yourself to the brink of exhaustion, you’re not doing a favour to anyone at all, you may find yourself feeling like two different types of mum.

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Take the time that you need and print off this free printable. It’s a simple first step to getting your self-care back on track. 

Self Care Checklist for Busy Moms

Why is self-care so important? 

Not only is it important, but it’s also crucial. If you fail to take care of yourself, it really does start to affect anything and everything in your life. Self-care helps to clear your mind, spirit, and soul and gives you the boost to restart each and every day.

And if you’re a busy mumma running the household, your self-care needs to be the top priority. There can’t be days where you just aren’t able to function because you’re running yourself too low into the ground. It’s time to understand that you matter and you should get your own time throughout the day as well. 

Self-Care Checklist for Busy Mums

Thinking about putting yourself first might be hard but it’s something that you’re going to have to do. And don’t worry, self-care doesn’t have to be anything over the top. In fact, there are so many simple things that you can do right at home to boost yourself and your mental health! 

Some simple self-care ideas that are included on the printable are:

  • Go to bed earlier
  • Say no
  • Take a shower
  • Give yourself a healthy breakfast
  • Sit outside in the sunshine
  • Ask for help
  • Meditate

And so much more! As you can tell, these things can be done easily from home without feeling like you’re being over the top or an inconvenience to anyone. 

For the rest of the self-care ideas, just print out the printable and hang it up on your fridge! That way it’s a reminder daily to stop what you’re doing for someone else and do something for yourself instead.

Download the FREE Self-Care Checklist for Busy Mums HERE

Other self-care ideas to consider

Don’t forget to branch off of this list and add more. Once you get the hang of taking care of yourself, you’re going to be adding all sorts of fun and relaxing ideas! Just pick a few things daily to give yourself that simple self-care that you need. (and deserve!)

If however you don’t feel like you think you should, and you are getting older, it might be worth reading Navigating The Menopause to see if some of your symptoms may be due to this. 

What other self-care items will you be adding to your own personal checklist?

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