Pursuing Friendships When You Are A Busy Mum

pursuing friendships

Friendships can often feel like a thing of the past when you are a busy mum. After all, the days are gone when you has long days out shopping and drinking with your friends. And you probably can’t remember the last time you went on a weekend away with your girly friends. But while family is the top priority, it’s also good to have solid friendships. In fact, a lot of mums find that spending time with friends can relieve some stress!

And just because you are a mummy, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a fulfilling life. But a lot of women don’t know where to start when it comes to making friends when they have a family. Therefore, here are some tips you need for pursuing friendships when you are a busy mum.

Start up relationships with other mums at school or baby groups parents

Being a mummy can be a lonely time. After all, you are often in the home for long days with your child. And it can be impossible to get any adult company until your hubby gets home. However, it doesn’t have to be the case if you start talking to other mums at groups you attend.

For instance, if you go to a baby or toddler group, it’s time to start chatting to the other mums at the group. After all, just because the group is meant for the little ones to start socialising and playing with other kids, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of the group too! Start speaking to the other mummies and invite them over.

After all, if you invite one back to your house, you are likely to get the favour returned in the future. And if your child is slightly older, you can still make friends with the other mums at the school. After all, you are going to see these ladies for years to come. So it’s a good chance to connect with them and make friends for life. Start chatting and ask them how they are when you drop the kids off. And you can soon arrange playdates which will mean you both get a chance to have a chinwag.

In fact, you will find that a lot of other mums at the school will be in the same position as you and will want to break the ice. Therefore, make the first move and start chatting with the mums to soon make firm friendships.

Opt to look online for people looking for friendships

It can be hard to leave home with the kids very often. After all, going out means expensive times that you can’t afford. And it can feel like a mission to get all the kids ready to leave home. Therefore, it can be hard to pursue friendships from inside your property.

However, the internet means you don’t have to leave your four walls to make friends! After all, there are a wealth of people online who are also feeling lonely and are hoping to make friends. A lot of people make the error of thinking that there are only dating sites out there for people to meet new people.

But there are actually a lot of sites which can point you in the right direction of people just looking for friendship. It might be the case that you have friends in common or it might be that you have a similar hobby or interest. In fact, there are a lot of hobby sites that you can join which will connect you with similar minded people.

And you can even meet new people through your phone. After all, there are some apps like Mush where you can meet other mums who want to make friends in your area. That way, you can have a natter to ensure you get some adult company!

Reconnect with mums from school and jobs of past

It can be hard to remain friends with people once you have kids. After all, it can often put a strain on the relationship. You might go from seeing your friends every week to a couple of times a year. And if they don’t have children themselves, it can be challenging to have things in common anymore.

After all, they are probably still enjoying meals out and nights on the town regularly. While your night often consists of an early night! But it’s so important to pursue friendships with your old buddies. Make an effort to ring them at least once a month to see what they have been up to.

And get the husband to look after the kids so you can go over to their humble abode at least every month! If you have lost touch with old friends from school or work, see if you can find them online. After all, a lot of people are on social media nowadays. And if you still can’t find them, it’s worth looking into some form of a tracing agent who can hook you back up with that friend you haven’t spoken to in years.

And by making this step, it will show you care about the friendship and want to get to know them again. If you are struggling to find things to talk about, remember that reminiscing is always a good start. After all, it can bring you closer together and make you think fondly about the friendship!

Make friends with your partner’s buddies wives and girlfriends

While you might be having some trouble on the friend’s front, your partner might be the opposite. After all, they might have friends at work who they occasionally meet for a trip to the pub or cinema. And when they see them all day at work, it’s easier to pursue the friendship.

However, you could use this friendship to your advantage. For starters, you can get to know the guy and see what he’s like. If he’s nice, you could see if they have a wife or a girlfriend. After all, this could be a potential friend for you. And if you get on well, the four of you could meet for a double date. After all, you and the wife can chat while the guys continue their friendship.

If you wonder what you could talk about, you will have your hubby in common for a start! And if they have kids, all of you can go out together for days. The kids can all make friends while you spend some adult time together. After all, this can be a saving grace while you are out at activity places!

Join up on social media to connect with other people

A lot of people connect on social media. In fact, one in four speak on sites like Facebook more than they do in person! After all, people can message others on the site when the kids are busy at school or even having a nap. And it can be an excellent way to let people know what’s occurring via statuses and photos!

Therefore, if you want to pursue friendships while you are very busy, you should join a social media site to connect with your friends! You can then chat them quickly in between looking after the kids to see how they are doing. And when you see they have updated their status, it can remind you to contact them to catch up.

Also, joining social media can help you to connect with new people too. After all, you might make friends with people you have seen around at school who you have barely spoken to before. And it can help to break the ice talking over the internet rather than face to face! Therefore, use social media for its benefits to ensure you pursue friendships when you are a busy mum.

Always spend one night a month with friends

It’s so hard to find time to spend with good friends when you have little ones to look after. After all, you can’t leave them behind when you go out with your buddies. But to ensure you pursue friendships with your friends, you should try and spend at least one night a month with your close buddies. Otherwise, you might end up losing contact with your nearest and dearest friends. Arrange a babysitter who can come and take care of your little ones.

Or ask your other half to take care of the little ones while you go out with your friends! And then you can go out for a couple of hours every month to catch up and chill out with your good mates. Even if it’s a meal or a night in where you watch a flick, it will do your friendship a world of good and will ensure you both continue to make an effort with the relationship.

And remember to spend time with your best friend; your other half! After all, it’s so easy to take the time you spend with them for granted. Therefore, make sure you go on dates and spend some quality time together to give you both a chance to reconnect. And it will also give you some space away from the kids for a change!

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