How to Plan the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt for Your Kids

Easter is an exciting time of year for kids. While some adults may be thinking about the meaning of Easter, most kids are feverish about all of the delicious treats, and an Easter egg hunt is the perfect way to hone in on this excitement.

If you have never planned one before, or you simply want to make this year’s Easter egg hunt the best one yet, here is how you can make yours truly egg-cellent.

Age Appropriate

One of the most important considerations is the age of those who will be taking part in the hunt. For toddlers, choose easy-to-reach, low and clearly visible spaces – scattering eggs among the grass can work. For young children, you could give them some fun Easter egg hunt clues. Or for older kids, hide in obscure, high-up places – consider setting a timer to encourage competition and keep them interested.

Egg List

Depending on how many you hide, an Easter egg hunt can go on for hours. If it lasts too long, your kids may give up and some eggs may be left. If they are real eggs, this could cause an unpleasant smell in your garden, or if the chocolate variety, this could be dangerous for your family pet. To prevent this, create a list of hiding places, or draw a diagram, and count all eggs at the end.

Choose Treats

There are a few different egg options for an Easter hunt, so consider which one you think your kids would enjoy the most. You could hide plastic eggs that you have filled with sweets, money or stickers, go for delicious chocolate and hide a large Thorntons Easter egg for each of your kids, or choose hardboiled and extend the fun with a decorating competition.

Make it Even

The danger when planning an Easter egg hunt is that some kids collect loads while others come away with very little. This can result in your kids being upset or arguments among siblings. To prevent this, buy different coloured eggs and assign each of your kids to a colour, so you can ensure they all collect the same amount.

Baskets and Bags

Finally, when planning an Easter egg hunt, remember baskets and bags for collection. Again, you could make this more fun by planning a crafting session where your kids can make their own Easter baskets.

An Easter egg hunt can be fun for the whole family. Use these steps for an unforgettable hunt and plan an indoor alternative in case of bad weather.

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