Making Your Bathroom More Family Friendly

Making a bathroom suitable for all the members of a family does not have to be the difficult task you think it is. You may have several ages to consider, but there are ways to make your bathroom more family friendly and usable by everyone.


Storage is just part of the answer. Have cupboards or shelves designated to each person, so they all have somewhere to keep their bathroom items. A basket that slips into a cupboard is ideal for holding the bath toys of little children. A shelf next to the sink will be perfect for shaving gear that men use each day. Other cupboards and shelves can be used by each person, and hopefully, you will have a spare one for toilets rolls and cleaning materials.

A space that is often forgotten in a bathroom is over the door. If anyone in your family is tall enough, a shelf placed there can be good ad it does not take up any extra room.

A Step Stool

A step stool might be needed if you have young children. Without one they will not be able to reach the sink or the toilet. You can buy ones that fold and will stand against a wall while not in use, but you usually find that other people use them to put things on when it is their turn in the bathroom.

You may also want to consider a soft close toilet seat. These are not only a lot quieter, but the little ones are far less likely to trap their fingers in them.

Hooks At All Heights

Hang hooks for the towels at different heights, so that everyone can reach their own without a problem. Hooks are a useful addition to any bathroom as they do not take up much space and let the towels dry.

Separate Toothbrush Holders

This is a brilliant idea, as young children are always proud to have something of their own that is just like mum and dads, and teenagers get to a point where they do not like their things mixed in with other peoples. Separate toothbrush holders are not expensive, and they can be fixed to the wall just above or by the bathroom sink.

Making a bathroom more family friendly


Keep the colours of the walls, ceiling and flooring fairly neutral so that when family members add colour with their bits and pieces your bathroom does not start to look like a fairground. Different colours of shampoos, soaps and a whole host of other things will be more than enough to stop your bathroom looking bland.

Don’t Forget You

It is great to make your bathroom suitable for everyone to use, but in the process of doing this don’t forget that you will be using it as well. Make sure that you have everything you want in there so that you can have a soak in the bath or a nice relaxing shower without having to borrow things from the rest of the family. Your bathroom should be a haven of peace and quiet for whoever is using it unless of course, it is teenagers when there will probably be music blasting out.

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