Lidl have launched a school uniform range

As you all would agree school uniform shopping is yucky, lets be honest dragging one, two, three or in my case five children round the shops during their school holidays to get them kitted out for the next year is not anyone’s idea of fun.

The cost of school uniform soon adds up, and I have tried every brand of polo top available and they all still wash the same, and NONE of them get the school paint out! (What do they use…)

So I am looking for a decent priced uniform that will do exactly what it says on the tin!

When Lidl got in contact and shared their very exciting news that they were launching their own range of school uniform, I was very keen to give it a go. Luckily they are about to go into Lidl stores,  which meant I could have a look and put it to the Kaide test before he finishes school for the summer, always the best measure as he seems to require a new set of clothes every day!

DSC_0056 (2)

The Polo shirts are priced at £1.25 for two, less than 65 pence each! Kaide has been wearing a blue one this week (they can wear white or blue, but the blue we can sometimes get away with two days wear!) He states that they are very comfortable, they don’t have any annoying labels at the neck (which I usually have to cut out) and they kept him nice and cool, and it is easy to play football in (THE most important element!) It is currently too hot for the trousers so they will be kept for when the weather gets cooler.

Tyrus tried the socks and he didn’t try to take them off, which is a win for Tyrus!

The shoes are slightly too big for either of the boys at the moment, but they look and feel very sturdy, and up to the job of playtime.

DSC_0054 (2) DSC_0052 (2) DSC_0051 (2)

The Trousers are £1.25, amazing value, 5 pairs of socks for £1.79 and leather shoes just £6.99.

They also have school Parkas for £9.99 and various other uniform pieces, including swimwear and the all important vests for when we lose the sunshine.

The School Range goes into Lidl stores today (21st July) but be quick as it is only whilst stock lasts, be super organised this year and get the school uniform bought the day the children break up for summer to ensure a stress free holidays, in fact, at these prices you could stock up for next year too!

Let me know if you manage to kit your children out at Lidls this year.


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