Internet Food Shopping has returned!

Up until three weeks ago I happily trotted round the supermarket for the weekly groceries, however since the birth of Tyrus, the mere thought of traipsing two children around the shops fills me with dread, so it’s back to the computer, where I can feed Tyrus and order food at the same time via internet food shopping…

I had it all planned a quick shopping list on Saturday evening meaning the food would be here on Sunday afternoon, easy I thought.

That was, until my computer ran at a snails pace, and I only had until 10pm to checkout, as the clock slowly ticked by a very grumpy (and smelly I may add) Eowyn proceeded to walk into the study half asleep and tell me “Mum, I done a big stinky poo” and attempted to take off her pyjamas and pull ups, not a very easy thing to do when you are half asleep.

Needless to say I quickly gathered the items needed for a smooth change and a lovely little sign pops up on the computer your booked slot is no longer available … aarrgh guess there’s no shopping until Monday then.

So today after visiting the dentist (I was in 5 minutes, he took two Xrays and told me to come back soon !) between the hours of 12 and 2 my shopping was to arrive, as if on cue at 1pm when Tyrus had just woken up screaming for a feed, the shopping van arrived TYPICAL, so there I was one handed trying to drag the shopping bags into the house, when I had eventually finished unloading I looked at the time and it was already school pick up.. where does the time go ?

But on a happy note Xene appeared to enjoy her first day at High School, although she had snuck out the house with five bracelets on her wrist and persuaded dad that they were allowed (until she was asked to remove them!!) She only got lost on the way to the science block and complained that she was with a bunch of `stupid boys’ how long that will last who knows, you can read about her last day at middle school

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