How to Turn the Attic into a Perfect Play Area for the Kids

If you desperately need to provide your kids with a designated and safe place for play, your attic might be a great choice. Your attic conversion doesn’t have to be too nerve-racking and too expensive, but the results will definitely be satisfying. So, if you love the idea of creating a playroom for your children, here’s what you have to do.

Adjust your entrance

The first and most important thing to consider is the way your kids will get in and out of the attic. The fact that most attics employ ladders isn’t the most reassuring thing. These are not practical or safe for young children. Luckily, if you have enough room, you can ditch the ladders and opt for stylish and practical spiral staircase with a sturdy handrail. If you don’t have space, create a new access point from the bedroom where you’ll be able to create a reliable staircase. You could also add some extra fun to the attic playroom and build a secret and exciting entrance or exit (a slide will always be a winner).

Improve flooring

Depending on the condition of your space, you might need to add some safety and strength to your floors. But, before you start laying down floors, ensure your construction is strong enough to take the extra weight (the weight of the materials, furniture and people). It’s safest to have a professional come and give your space a thorough evaluation and to ensure everything is up to code. Now you can start thinking about the materials you’ll want to use for your flooring. For your kid-friendly space, opt for something with fun prints and made of durable materials. Local carpet tile shops are likely to have a wide range of carpets that are easily fitted and replaced as and when needed. 

Add insulation

If you have never invested in attic insulation before, now you’ll have to handle that part. This will not only keep the space at a comfortable temperature but also reduce some noise your kids will cause (if you decide to add insulation to your floors).

Light it up

It’s very important to light up the space to ensure your kids are safe and their little eyes are healthy. Attics usually don’t have perfect natural illumination, so make sure you provide your space with a mixture of general lighting for playing and task lighting for colouring and reading. There’s some electrical work you can do yourself, but if you notice any damaged wires (critters love to gnaw on them) or any rust or water damage on your circuit panel, don’t dare to touch anything. If you want to avoid getting shocked or creating a fire hazard in your attic, call an experienced emergency electrician who will handle your problem in record time. With damaged wires and circuit panels you really can’t waste any time, so make sure to get someone right away!

Provide storage

Over time, your kids’ playroom will accumulate a lot of toys, so make sure to have plenty of space to store and organize them. A few short bookcases will be able to hold everything from books to toys and dolls. And you can use plastic containers to corral small objects like Legos and crayons. These will keep things neat yet handy.

Boost comfort

Because kiddos often prefer to play on the floor where they have more freedom, make sure to give them a soft rug or carpet. A few cheap mats are also a great solution since they provide a soft place for tumbling and all sorts of daredevil adventures. Older kids will love to have some sort of furniture for relaxing, reading, studying and colouring sessions. Think a classic bean bag chair, a small table and chairs and small sofas for naps and relaxation when they get worn out from all the play.

Invest in fun

After all the safety and practicality things are taken care of, it’s time to boost the fun! The decoration is often the most important part of every playroom since it can spark the imagination and allow your kids to feel completely immersed in the play experience. Pick a light and bright colour for the walls, ensure the rugs are playful and give the space plenty of posters and toys. A chalkboard wall is also a great idea, since it offers a place for new artwork every day and gives kids an opportunity to practice their creativity.
Your kids will love their playroom. And, the best thing that your new space is now completely ready to be transformed into a spare bedroom or home office in the future when your kids grow up!

About the author: Mike Johnston is a lifestyle blogger and DIY enthusiast from Sydney. He is a regular writer at Smooth Decorator. His articles can also be found on numerous family-friendly, real estate and green living online magazines and blogs. Mike’s goal is to create and share meaningful content that helps and inspires people.

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