Design Tips for creating the perfect office space

This year Asa and I are sharing the office space and it’s taken a bit of time to get used to working in the same area ( I may have decided to work at the kitchen table on a few occasions!) I will admit, I am used to being in the office by myself and like to spread my work out across all the available surfaces whereas Asa keeps things in a nice, neat, tidy pile…

I have been researching ways to ensure our office space is optimised for productive working, for both of us, so here are my top design tips for creating the perfect office space.

Create An Agile Working Environment

As I have already mentioned Asa and I are complete opposites in the way we work, so trying to enable enough space and the right amount of room required for us both is essential, especially as he is practically twice the size of me, I can’t expect him to sit on my small chair at the corner desk which works well for me. I have been gaining inspiration from some #onscreenoffices i’d quite like to work in Dumbledore’s office!

Lots of Light

We are quite lucky that our office has a big window in it (and a radiator for the winter) but I must make more of an effort to open the curtains and let the light in, studies have shown that natural light can also increase your sleep time, which can increase productivity, however after 21 years of children and now a puppy, I have no problem getting to sleep its the uninterrupted part that I struggle with!!

More Colour and Comfort

Nobody wants  a dull office space, I am the queen of Magnolia for the rest of the house, but the study is in a bright lemon, and after years of making do with a kitchen chair, we have finally invested in some office furniture to ensure neither Asa or I end up with bad posture or painful backs (Asa will do anyway, but that’s from playing rugby, not working in the office!).

These are my starting point for making the office workable for both of us, but like everything in life, it will probably need some tweaking, there’s nearly a foot difference in our heights, so if its anything like getting in a car after each other, it will take some adjustments!

Do you have any tips to add ?




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