How To Renovate Your Home For A Growing Family

A growing family inspires the need for expansion, especially if you own a home. Though most relocate to a much larger house, it is more cost-effective to remodel your home instead.

Not only does it bring you the space you desire, it also increases your home value. Before you get excited about your renovation project, you will need to consider your budget and have a clear vision of what you want.

While at it, consult with your spouse and your older children as well to make sure everyone is on board with it. You should also ensure each professional has the appropriate licences and skills.

It’s also important to determine how to remodel your home for your expanding household. Here are some ideas you can explore. 

Add a bathroom

Do you wake up every morning to complaints about who wants to use the bathroom first? If your answer is a resounding yes, then you need an additional bathroom.

It is easy to put young kids in a tub together and have a fun time. As they get older, the need for privacy begins to be apparent. You will need to ditch your tubs for a walk-in shower.

If you share a bathroom with your children, opt for an en suite bathroom; this will be convenient for you and have less impact on your layout.

It would also be beneficial to pay attention to ventilation, lighting, and plumbing when giving this space an upgrade. 

Maintain your deck

As a growing family, you will need an outdoor space where you can relax or enjoy dinner with the family.

This is especially beneficial if your indoor space is smaller. As a tip, consider using deck paint to give your space a facelift. If your deck hasn’t been used for a while or has accumulated dirt, you will need to pressure wash it.

While doing so, ensure you wait for the wood to dry before moving to other sections. It’s also worth noting that your deck can be exposed to moisture during certain seasons, leading to rot issues.

You can fish out these issues by penetrating your board with a screwdriver. If it goes through with little pressure, replace the boards with stronger ones. You can also construct an outdoor kitchen on your deck, so keep this in mind.

Ensure you adhere to safety regulations when it comes to the appliances you intend to use, and consult a professional to help you determine the weight limit before you start anything.

Transform your basement

If you don’t have the budget to add square footage to your home, you can transform your basement into any room of your choice.

Consider having a contractor come over to measure the space according to local building codes. If you have any issues with moisture, it would be best to have it fixed before you start any major construction.

Ignoring this might lead to mould and rot, which will cost you more money down the road. Remember to plan for windows as well to allow natural light and enough air to circulate. 

Renovating your house for your family takes time and patience. With these tips, you can expand and enjoy a beautiful home.

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