How to Make Your Pond Safe for Children

A pond makes a wonderful garden feature, but it also poses a threat to young children. Drowning is a large cause of children’s deaths, and it can happen in extremely shallow areas, so you should always be aware of your kids around any body of water. If you want to install a pond, but you have children, then here are the ways to make it safe for them.

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Choose the Location Wisely

When choosing where to place your pond, keep visibility in mind. If you have kids, then you must be able to see it easily from your back windows. This way, if your child is outside, you can keep a constant eye on them.

Set Pond Rules

If your child is old enough to understand rules, you should teach them some about remaining safe around the pond. Rules could include:

  • No walking too near
  • No touching the rocks
  • Only go outside with a guardian

The earlier you teach them, the more likely the rules are to stick.

Use an Alarm

Using an alarm is a great way to be safe, as you will know as soon as your child falls in the pool. This is only a viable option if you don’t have fish, however, as the alarm will go off constantly if wildlife is in there!

Install a Fence

Putting a fence around your pond is one of the simplest and most effective ways of protecting your child from accidentally falling in. Make sure the fence is high enough and that they can’t climb over, and put a lock around the gate. This way, you can enjoy the pond as much as you want, but your kid won’t be able to get near it without parent supervision.

Use a Mesh Cover

Another simple way of preventing falls is to use a mesh cover over the pond. While it might not be as aesthetically pleasing as without, it will protect your child during their younger years, and you can always remove it once they are old enough to be careful on their own.

Keep it Well Maintained

Check on your pond regularly to ensure its safety and health. If you have rocks around the pond, then gently nudge them every once in a while to make sure they don’t give way easily, as this could result in your child slipping in if they decide to climb on them. Maintaining is also essential for pond health, so go to for the best quality equipment to ensure your pond is both safe and thriving.

Educate Your Child

Ponds are great for children as they provide close access to nature, so educate them as much as possible. By doing this, your child will be more likely to be careful around the area, especially if you tell them the importance of not disturbing the wildlife.

Bringing a pond into your garden is a wonderful way to educate your child about nature and wildlife, but it does come with risks. Make your pond child-friendly so you can both enjoy the benefits without having to worry about accidents.

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