How to Get Back Into Shape After Having Children

After having kids, your body may not be the same as it used to be. Often, mums want to get rid of the weight they gained during pregnancy and get back to their pre-pregnancy figure. However, going on a health and fitness journey is about much more than just losing weight. For example, getting fitter will give you more energy to look after and play with your kids, and eating healthily and exercising will set a good example that your children can follow. If this sounds interesting to you, then keep on reading to find out how you can get back into shape as a busy mum.

Hire a personal trainer

If you haven’t had a consistent exercise routine in a while and need some help, then you should consider hiring a personal trainer. A PT can create a personalised exercise and nutrition plan that’s tailored to your individual needs, which will give you the best chance of meeting your fitness goals. Additionally, your personal trainer can give you advice on how to fit exercise into your busy lifestyle, helping you stick to your fitness plan and achieve long-term success. Search ‘London personal training’ to find your new personal trainer today!

Find a time to exercise

 If you’re still struggling to fit exercise into your daily routine, then you may need to try a few different options to see what works. You may find that exercising at lunchtime fits in with your schedule, or you may prefer exercising in the evening or at night when the children are asleep. Alternatively, by waking up a bit earlier in the morning, you could fit in a quick workout before your kids get up. Exercising in the morning will also make you feel more energized and ready for the day ahead.

Cook healthy meals

 To get back into shape, you can’t focus on exercise alone. To complement your new exercise routine, you need to avoid ultra-processed foods and start cooking healthy meals. If you’re worried about finding the time to cook, then there are plenty of simple recipes online to help you, and you could always try batch cooking at the weekend so that you’ll have plenty of portions left over for the week.

Stop buying unhealthy snacks

 Even if your meals are healthy, you could be slowing down your progress by snacking on unhealthy foods between mealtimes. The only way to truly avoid this is to stop buying unhealthy snacks, so make sure you don’t go shopping when you’re hungry as this could make you buy things you don’t need. If you still find yourself getting peckish between meals, then you could always buy some healthy snacks to stop you from reaching for biscuits or crisps. Some examples include fruit, nuts, Greek yoghurt and a small amount of dark chocolate.

Getting back into shape as a busy mum can be very difficult, but with help from a personal trainer or by sticking to an exercise plan and healthy recipes, you can start to feel healthier and more confident. In addition, your kids will start to learn positive habits from you, making the whole family healthier and happier!





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