Creating a Healthy Family Home

Creating a healthy family home where you and your family can truly thrive might seem like a tall order, but it’s actually something that’s really easy to achieve with many simple changes (and perhaps a few more difficult ones). Up for the challenge? Here are some ideas to get you started…

Destroy House Dust

A bit of dust in the house may not seem like a problem, and it probably isn’t unless, that is, someone in the house suffers from asthma or allergies. House dust can exacerbate both conditions and it can do quite seriously in some cases.

So, how do you deal with it? As well as vacuuming and dusting regularly, you may want to check your home for pests like termites and carry out a termite treatment if necessary.

You may also want to consider replacing older carpets (which accumulate dust) with wooden floors, tiles, or lino which are far less likely to gather dust. If you can’t afford to change the flooring, then just make sure to thoroughly clean the carpets – getting right into the corners and under furniture) on a very regular basis.

Creating a healthy family home

Open the Windows

Opening the windows in your home and letting fresh air in is a great way to boost the health of your home. We all know how good a breath of fresh air can make us feel, but there is also some research to suggest it can boost cognitive function too.

Not only that but opening the windows more often can help to eliminate unpleasant odours from the home, and more importantly, get rid of common indoor pollutants, like cigarette smoke and pollutants from gas appliances, amongst other things, too.

Remove Hazards

If your home is relatively new, it is unlikely to contain harmful substances like lead paint and asbestos, but unfortunately, many older homes still have nasties like these lurking around and they can cause serious illness and even death in some cases.

So, if you have any inkling that there could be anything hazardous in your home, and that includes things like faulty wiring and boilers too, call in an expert and have the place checked out. It’ll give you peace of mind, and more importantly ensure that your family are kept safe.

Stop Using Pesticides Where Possible

It isn’t always possible to give up the use of pesticides in your home completely, but a lot of the time it is, and it makes sense to do so because most of them contain chemicals that could be harmful to your family. There are many alternative ways of killing weeds, dealing with ant invasions and removing mice from your property now that you rarely ever need to breathe them in.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

Many of the very products we use to make our homes clean and healthy are actually having a detrimental effect because they contain chemical cocktails that could potentially cause issues for us, especially if we happen to suffer from asthma. They can also have a detrimental effect on the environment should they make it down the plughole and out into the water.

The good news is, there are numerous cleaners on the market that are greener and more natural. They contain ingredients like white vinegar and baking soda instead of ammonia and chlorine and they do the job just as well. It’s even possible to make your own completely natural cleaning products if you are so inclined to do so – you could even make it a fun family activity.

Creating a healthy family home

Go Low VOC When Decorating

Much of the paint we use to decorate our homes contain Volatile Organic Compounds which can be dangerous to our health and wellbeing. In recent years, a few companies have started making low VOC paint, which not only looks amazing but which doesn’t leave you with that nasty chemically paint smell that you will probably know well. Since VOCs can be leaked out of the walls for decades, taking the time to choose a low VOC paint can really make a tremendous difference long-term.

Invest in Plants

Plants are so amazingly good for us humans. Studies have found them to offer a range of benefits from soothing our stresses to boosting mood and creativity. It has also been found that indoor plants can help to detoxify the environment by purifying the air around us, and good placement of plants can help to reduce a noise part of the home. Oh, and they add a touch of prettiness to the decor too. What’s not to love?

Deal with Mould

Mould can make you and your home really sick. It can cause breathing difficulties, illness and in some extreme cases even death, so it’s really important that you take steps to deal with mould as soon as you spot the first signs, so that it does not have a chance to spread.

Mould grows in the home when there is plenty of moisture around to feed it, which means improving insulation, using a dehumidifier and fixing any leaks in your home can all help you to deal with mould. Then, you’ll just have to treat any existing patches and you should be fine.

Ditch the Clutter

Many of us love our clutter, and it’s not always easy to be clutter free when you have a busy family, but doing what you can to minimise clutter can be a really positive thing for the whole family. Why? Because there really is some truth that if your home is cluttered your mind will be too.

Clutter can cause a lot of stress and it can make it harder to do things easily in your home. You don’t have to become a minimalist, but just try to give away anything that you really don’t need or love anymore and you will reap the benefits.

A healthy home is the foundation for a healthy family life, which is why it is worth getting to grips with your space and doing what you can to make it a happier, healthier place all round.

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