Home Decor and Family Life – A Balancing Act

When you have lots of children like me, you can sometimes find that things like expensive home decor items and ornaments can go by the wayside. It’s not that you don’t want them, but there is just so much else to pay for that is a higher priority.

You also learn pretty quick that whatever you do get for you home needs to be pretty robust to stand the test of time. But it is possible to have some more luxury items and still make it practical for everyday family life. Read on for some more information.


You have to be pretty practically minded with your flooring choice once you have kids. If you have lots of them then even more so. Just through general wear and tear carpets can become dirty and matted very quickly.

Long lasting engineered wood planks are a good option for heavy use areas. They are robust and can still have that edge of luxe about them, with lots of different colour and pattern options, with a large family durable solid wood planks will ensure the floor is fit for purpose and is easy to clean up. If you think it will make it too cold on tiny small feet, you can always cover with a rug. This can then been lifted and cleaned when it gets too icky!


Just remember to use something to stick the rug down with. Or it becomes an irresistible lure to the kids who will use it for indoor sledding contents on your nice polished floor!


Some people think investing in expensive pieces of furniture is a waste of time when you have got a large family, but that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, a few carefully selected pieces of luxury furniture can be enough to raise the level of a room without breaking the bank.


The best way of doing this is to mix and match items. Stick to a similar colour scheme and materials, and you can mix designer furniture with inexpensive pieces.  Just be sure to let the kids know which ones they have to use coasters on!


Having some nice ornamental pieces and objects d’art can really make a room. However, this does need to be tempered with the safety of the family. Having lots of heavy glass or ceramic pieces at a low level when the kids are toddling is not a great idea. As you know, kids are incurably curious and will gravitate to anything that looks interesting. The problem with that is that they don’t know that some things could be sharp, breakable or heavy.


Duvets sets

Just a quick note on duvet sets here. While it is tempting to go for the designer sets, whatever you do make sure that they are ‘easy iron’. Do you really have the time and patience to wash, dry and iron multiple duvets sets that are creased to high heaven?  Probably not.

This is a collaborative post.

Having a nice home with lots or pretty ornaments sounds wonderful, but not very practical with small children, so ensuring you have a home that is functional for children but also looks amazing can be a balnacing act, click through to check out some suggestions

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