Health Tips for When You Can’t See a Doctor

Sometimes, it can feel a bit like your GP is playing a not-so-fun game of hide and seek with you, despite the fact you could really use their help.

Whether it’s due to a packed NHS schedule, a global pandemic, or you’ve just been put on hold for the umpteenth time, there are moments when seeing a doctor seems impossible, but don’t worry because, when that happens, there are a few things you can do in the meantime…

Dr. Google – Handle with Care

We’ve all been there, turning to Dr. Google in our hour of need. While the internet can be a treasure trove of information, it’s also a rabbit hole of doom and gloom.

Remember, not every headache is a brain tumour. Use reputable sites like the NHS or WebMD for your cyber-diagnoses, and take what you read with a pinch of salt – or the entire shaker.

Pharmacy to the Rescue

Your local pharmacy is a really underrated place to get help and support with your healthcare needs.

Pharmacists know a great deal about health and wellbeing and can usually offer you some good advice, and maybe even some medication too. See them.

The Magic of Home Remedies

For minor health issues, your kitchen could double as a pharmacy.

Honey for a sore throat, ginger tea for nausea, or a warm bath for aches and pains – sometimes grandma’s old remedies are just what the doctor didn’t order (because you couldn’t get an appointment).

Going Private: Skip the Queue

If you’re in a pickle and it’s urgent, going private is an option. Yes, it costs more than a round of drinks at the pub, but sometimes peace of mind, or the relief that comes with finally getting that hernia surgery, for example, is worth the price tag. It’s like jumping the queue, but with a cleaner waiting room.

Apps and Online Services: The Modern House Call

Telemedicine is like having a doctor in your pocket. There are loads of apps and online services that connect you with healthcare professionals. It’s convenient, and you don’t even have to get out of your pyjamas.

The Healing Power of Rest

Rest really is healing for us humans, Our bodies often just need some time to take a break and relax, and we will soon start to feel better, and if it’s something that won’t be cured with rest, taking it easy will at least help you to not make things worse. Put your feet up.

Stay Hydrated: Water is Life

Drinking plenty of water is so good for your body, especially when you are sick. It helps flush out toxins and keeps everything running as well as it possibly can when you aren’t well, so drink up.

Keep Moving, Gently

If you’re feeling under the weather but can move around, gentle exercise can be beneficial. It’s not about breaking personal bests; it’s more like taking your body for a leisurely stroll.

While nothing can replace a trained medical professional, these tips might just help you through those times when the doctor is hard to get to, but be sure to keep trying because you do need to get some professional help!

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