15 Harry Potter Inspired Recipes

Harry Potter Inspired Recipes – Are you as enchanted with the Harry Potter franchise as we are? We simply cannot get enough of these heart-warming stories, with beloved characters and adventures around every corner.

And what better way to celebrate these stories than with a list of the top 15 Harry Potter inspired food and drink recipes!? These delightful recipes will surely make your party an event that young wizards and witches will be talking about for a long time!

Harry Potter Themed Easy Candy Skewers

What better way to represent your Hogwarts House than these colourful candy skewers topped with your houses’ classic crest! 

Harry Potter Party Food Pretzel Wands

You’ll be the top of the class when you cast your spells with these chocolate covered pretzel wands. Add a few edible stars for a magical twist!


Before heading out to the big Quidditch match, quench your thirst with this lightly spiced, fruity version of pumpkin juice. You’ll be catching the golden snitch in no time!


This absolutely adorable cake is visually stunning but so easy to make! You’ll look like a wizard in the kitchen to all of your guests.


This recipe for oh-so-creamy butterbeer ice cream will transport you to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as quickly as you can say “Accio, dessert”!

Golden Snitch Oranges

Looking for a healthy snack for your wizarding themed party? These golden snitch oranges are low in sugar, easy to assemble, and fun for all ages!

DIY Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs Candy

No trip to Hogwarts would be complete without a little chocolate frog to snack on as you ride the Hogwarts Express. Bonus points, as this recipe only calls for two ingredients!

Harry Potter Inspired Butterbeer Cookies

Watch as these absolutely mouthwatering butterbeer cookies perform disappearing acts from your table! Who could resist!?

Divinations Class Fortune Telling Trick for a Harry Potter Party

For those who want to keep the preparation low but the WOW factor high, these fizzy divination cups are sure to put big smiles on your guests faces as they see the colours appear like magic!!


This hilarious cake will inspire big, Hagrid-sized belly laughs from your party guests. It’s also monstrously delicious!


If you’re craving something warm and cozy to eat while you indulge in your Harry Potter movie marathon, look no further than these comforting and spice-filled little pasties.


We’re simply bewitched by how cute and fun these candy filled witch hats are! 


For a quick and easy snack that will fill up your Hogwarts students, this recipe for “troll boogers” is fun and quick to prepare. 

Vegan Harry Potter Birthday Cake

This vegan pink cake looks just like the real cake from the movie! You’ll love how decadent and scrumptious it is, too!

Copycat Frozen Butterbeer

Rounding out our list is the holy grail of Harry Potter themed treats- frozen butterbeer! You’ll be spellbound at how delicious this recipe is!

We hope that you have enjoyed our list of the top 15 Harry Potter inspired food and drink recipes and that it has encouraged you to whip up a little magic in your kitchen. Be the talk of the Yule Ball when you serve up any of these tantalizing treats. Dumbledore approved! 

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