Generation Hope: How Inclusive Economics Can Help Us All Thrive by Arunjay Katakam

Generation Hope – Slightly different read this time, one I was unsure if I would be able to understand, thankfully Arunjay has written it so that I could!

Read on to find out more, then buy the book to read……

Generation Hope Synopsis

It has become clear:

Our current economic system is broken. Growth at all costs is unsustainable.

It is easy to get discouraged when faced with the reality of the current climate crisis, economic instability, and the vast income inequality across the globe. It’s obvious that our trajectory is aimed toward destruction. But is it possible to make adjustments to that path, and if so, who’s going to lead us?

Generation Hope answers these questions, first by exploring the historical, political, economic, and cultural foundations that got us where we are today, and then delving into what it’s going to take to ensure that we are headed toward a sustainable future that benefits us all.

Written in clear and compelling prose, the book addresses a wide range of today’s most pressing economic issues, from the macroeconomic challenges that humanity collectively faces, to our personal engagement with our current economic system.

You will read illuminating and inspiring examples of people, organizations, companies, and governments that are already doing the work of building inclusive economic systems that serve all of humanity and this planet we call home.

Little by little, our consciousness is already shifting, especially among millennials and younger generations. This book illustrates how to continue moving from a mindset of scarcity and survival to one of abundance and thriving, from narrow-minded self interest to an awareness that we are part of a much larger interconnected whole.

The world needs us.

Together, we can save our planet and help humanity thrive.

Together, we are Generation Hope.

Generation Hope Review

When I was first sent the synopsis of the book I was sceptical, I am a business woman, mother and woman of a certain age when brain fog is real!

I was worried that it would be full of technical jargon that would need an economics major to explain it to me, but I was pleasantly surprised!

The chapters are broken down into easy to read and follow parts, and the ones that I didn’t fully understand I will go back over again, its the type of book that you will suddenly feel the need to re-read a chapter.

From the first few paragraphs I found myself nodding along, some of it was quite sombre reading, but I feel confident that the younger generation will find the right path, if they are anything like my own children with their thoughts and beliefs.

If you are looking for a thought provoking read, this is definitely one to consider, it actually gives me a glimmer of hope for the future of our planet and the current cost of living crisis.

Generation Hope Book Information

Book Title : Generation Hope: How Inclusive Economics Can Help Us All Thrive

Author : Arunjay Katakam

Publisher : Otterpine LLC

Release Date : 29th February 2024

Fomats : Paperback and Kindle

About The Author

Arunjay Katakam is the author of Generation Hope: How Inclusive Economics Can Help Us All Thrive. He is a writer, speaker, thinker, and serial entrepreneur. Over the last two decades, he has had a front-row seat in finance and development, on both sides of the rich/poor coin. This book is based on his observations as a recovering wealth-chaser and, above all, as a father.

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