How To Clean Your House In Half The Time

Keeping you home clean is so important because if you’ve got a lot of bacteria living all over the place, you put your family’s health at risk. For families with children, this needs to be taken seriously because exposure to allergens and air pollution are considered factors that could trigger asthma. More information can be found here in this online resource.

But cleaning is nobody’s favourite job and we all wish there was a way that we could avoid it. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid it completely, but you’re probably spending more time than you need to cleaning your home.

If you’re not very efficient when you’re cleaning your house, it can take you all day. But if you use some simple shortcuts, you can cut that cleaning time in half. These are some of the best ways to clean your home more efficiently.

Get The Right Vacuum Cleaner

When you’re picking a vacuum cleaner there are so many different ones to choose from. If you don’t put much thought into it and you just get the cheapest one, it’ll take you a lot longer to clean the house. Cheap vacuum cleaners don’t have very good suction so you’ll be running over the same patch of carpet for ages to get it clean.

It won’t pick up the dust that is deep in the carpet either, so your house won’t be as clean. If your old vacuum cleaner has seen better days and you’re thinking about getting a new one, you should take the time to compare different vacuums and spend a bit more money on a good one. It’ll give you a better clean and it’ll be a lot quicker as well.

Clean Your House in half the time

Use Stronger Cleaning Chemicals

You can spend hours scrubbing those tough grease stains in the kitchen or trying to get limescale off the shower, but that’s usually because you’re not using the right cleaning chemicals.

The cheap stuff isn’t going to cut through the persistent dirt very easily and you’ll be doing all of the work. But if you spend a bit more money on some stronger cleaning chemicals, you can spray them on and leave them for ten minutes and that dirt will wipe right off.

Have A System

Good planning is the key to cleaning your house quickly. If you just start doing random jobs here and there, you’ll spend all day doing it. That’s why you need a good system in place for cleaning, so you can avoid running back and forth between rooms and wasting time.

It doesn’t matter what order you do things in, but it’s usually best to start from the top and work down. If you start upstairs and move from room to room, you’ll finish a lot quicker.

The most important thing is that you’re consistent, so make sure that you follow the same system every time you clean. The more times you do it, the faster you’ll be because you won’t even need to think about it.

Clean Your House in half the time

Work From The Top Down

When you start cleaning a room, you should always start from the top and work down. For example, you don’t want to start by cleaning the floors before you’ve wiped down all of the surfaces because you might knock dirt and dust onto the floor again, so you’ll have to do it twice or leave it a bit dirty.

Clean Left To Right

If you keep missing bits and then going back over them, you’ll spend more time than you need to cleaning. The easiest way to avoid that is simply move from left to right (or vice versa if you like). Starting at one side of the room and working methodically over to the other will ensure that you don’t miss a spot.

Clean More Often

Most people do one or two big cleans a week, which is fine because you probably don’t have time to do more. But if you’re letting it build up for a whole week, you’ll have a lot of cleaning to tackle.

That’s why you should try to clean more often during the week. Making an effort to keep the house tidy and do small cleaning jobs throughout the week, it’ll be a lot quicker when you come to do a big clean.

Clean Your House in half the time

Hire A Cleaning Service

When you’ve got a busy family life to manage, finding the time to clean can be tough. If you really don’t have the time to clean the house properly every week, you could consider hiring a cleaning service to come in and do it for you. You’ll get a professional job done and you don’t have to worry about finding the time to do it.

If you dread cleaning the house, you can use these simple tricks to cut your cleaning time in half and spend your weekends doing something more fun.  

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