Blogging Over The Years

Back in 2011 when I first started blogging (yes it’s really been that long!) my original plan was for it to be a way of recording the six children’s milestones and to have a lovely log of their lives to look back on. In the beginning I noticed that bloggers were being sent products to … Read more

Useful SEO tips for first time bloggers

I think it’s fair to say that for anyone starting their own blog who doesn’t have previous experience within SEO, would believe it’s a case of setting the website up and then simply uploading content as and when you like. Great content is obviously one of the main factors which help towards creating a successful … Read more

How important is Pinterest and Tailwind to Your Blog Growth?

Growing your blog is key but finding out the perfect scenario or combination can be the tricky part. How many hours have you spent researching and racking your brain, trying to unlock the “mystery” of the blogging world? More than likely, you may know bloggers or you’ve seen bloggers post about all the traffic that … Read more

New Year’s Eve email examples to ring in 2019

It is always nice to receive congratulations, even if such congratulations come from a blog, a store, a beauty salon or an Internet marketing studio. To prevent your letters from being sent to the spam folder or immediately to the trash, find out what the correct congratulatory letter from the company should be. Recently, more … Read more

New Name Same Old Me!

For any of my long time readers (if there are any!) you will have noticed that I have a funky new header, with thanks to Sarah over at Kippers and Curtains and we have a new name ! When I first started blogging 7 years ago I had no idea it would become my full-time … Read more

5 Great Ways To Use Your Logo To Promote Your Business

You must give undivided attention to your business at all times. Failure to do so can be disastrous as there is always someone around the corner ready to prise your customers away from you. Therefore, you must always remain on your toes and promote and market your business round the clock. After all, even major … Read more

What Shall I Wear to BML16 ?

In my post about going to #BML16 I stated that I would probably grab something out of the clean washing or from Neva or Xene’s wardrobe, but this weekend I have decided that I shall treat myself to something new. Cue a quick look online to find something suitable and that will arrive in time! … Read more