I wish I STILL looked like Kylie !

I sat watching the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games the other night and found myself singing along to ALL of Kylie Minogue’s songs! Some of them made me feel quite nostalgic. When I ¬†was a young teen, Neighbours was THE show to watch after school, Kylie and Jason were all the rage and it … Read more

#MorningStories With The Morrisons!!

  Can you imagine getting this lovely bunch ready in the morning ? 95% of the mornings everyone is at school on time, with the right lunchbox and their homework diaries signed, there are the occasional mishaps – lost book bag, hidden water bottle etc but more often than not we get there!! How…….. Well, … Read more

Fifteen Minutes of Peace and Tranquility

In a house of nine, you can imagine, quiet and calm are not words used frequently to describe our lives!! Every morning I set the alarm for 6.45am I go downstairs quietly so as not to wake anyone else. I put the kettle on, then depending how tired I am I either sit and stare … Read more

What Time Is It ?

Since having the children, my time keeping has become, lets say a little worse! Before I had the children I would always be on time, or even a little earlier to every appointment or meeting, but the last sixteen years I have been no quite so prompt… Nearly every year Asa or my parents buy … Read more

Easter Egg Hunting with Waitrose

Every year the Easter Bunny leaves the children’s eggs hidden throughout our garden, regardless of the weather and the children LOVE it, they search everywhere, because they never know how tall the Easter Bunny has grown and if they may be on top of tall places like the chicken coop. If your children enjoy hunting … Read more

Going on Winter #Little Adventures

As I am sure you will know by now I am not a person who is big on crowds and lots of people, so many of our holidays and days out are taken during the cold weather!! I am quite lucky because all of the children love dressing up warm and going out in the … Read more

Exciting News!!

Don’t panic, I am NOT pregnant again… Did anyone enter this competition on facebook ? I was absolutely amazed to receive an email informing me that I have been chosen as one of the ten lucky winners, with nine mouths to feed and Christmas looming, it has to be THE most fantastic news ever!! And … Read more