A Reminder of Two Special Granfields xxx

This ornament wasn’t very expensive, in fact it cost me £4.99 in 1997, funny the things you remember, but it is worth a million…. At the beginning of December 1997, I was five months pregnant with Xene, we were living in our very first rented flat, waiting to move into our very own mortgaged house, … Read more

I NEED A New Pushchair!

Throughout the last fifteen years I have had MANY Prams and Pushchairs, that is because I have had six children, so there have been many different combinations that I have required, doubles, travel systems, ones able to take Buggy Boards, in fact you name it, I have probably tried it! But I know I am … Read more

Calling All Marvel Fans

Are your children Marvel Fans, like mine ?How would they like to win an exclusive Avengers Academy Day out for themselves and 10 friends ?My children would think I am the GREATEST mum in the world if they won this….. HOW WOULD YOU KEEP THE WORLD SAFE? Win! An exclusive Avengers Academy day out for … Read more

May I speak with Mrs…insert any name that telesales add!!

Fourteen Years and Still they callYou would think by now, I had heard them allBut every week, another rears its headCausing my telephone line, to go dead….I am of course talking about the wonderful world of telesales, which seems to takes up half of my telephone calls these days!Now I understand that all of these … Read more

Now I Know Your Secret Boys!

Chores in our house are quite simple, I wash the clothes, put them into piles and the children put them away.Up until now the girls never seem to quite get everything out away, there are always cardigans hanging on backs of doors or chairs and the drawers are always full.The boys, however, always seem to … Read more

May The Fourth Be With You !

It’s that time again. Time to head to a galaxy far far away! LEGO® Shop is proud to announce that they will be running a set of great LEGO Star Wars offers for the unofficial nerd holiday of May the 4th. 4 & 5 May Only! FREE Exclusive TC-14 Minifigure, Free Delivery, and R2-D2 Poster with any … Read more

I am a failure!!

You may remember that I started on the fabulous Mutu System to get rid of my weight and be looking fab for my sister’s blessing taking place on 12th May. Well it started great, the first two weeks I ate sensibly, cut out the fizzy drinks and was starting to feel that actually I would … Read more

Wife In The Fast Lane!

Cupcake company Greens carried out research about women and men and how they spend their time.. it makes for interesting reading…. – One in three women have no ‘me’ time I suppose it depends on each person’s own perception of `me’ time, as a mum of six, my needs come quite low down as a priority, … Read more